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Audience: This document clarifies commitments between the participating organisations. It is also aimed at the general public, interested in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums in Finland.

This document and the mission are revised annually in the beginning of the participating organisations’ fiscal year and published in avoinglam.fi.

1. Mission[edit]

  1. Enabling Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums in their digital transformation, by training and strengthening their capacity to give Open Access to cultural heritage.
  2. Advocacy and public policy for Open Access to cultural heritage and emerging topics affecting open cultural heritage.
  3. Creating projects, campaigns, and events to promote the release, discovery, reuse and enriching of open cultural materials.
  4. Advancing open and equitable participation in public discourse and in creating the cultural reminiscence online.
  5. Supporting cultural and linguistic diversity including revitalisation efforts of underresourced languages, promoting practices of sharing Traditional Knowledge responsibly online, and collaborating with minority language communities in facilitating the production of multilingual online materials.

2. Governance[edit]

The collaboration is organised under the title AvoinGLAM (a direct translation of OpenGLAM into Finnish). AvoinGLAM has been a working group within Open Knowledge Finland since 2012.

From 2021, the name AvoinGLAM will be used to cover the collaboration between Wikimedia Finland (WMFI), Open Knowledge Finland (OKFI) and Creative Commons Finland (CCFI). OKFI is registering AvoinGLAM as an auxiliary company name. This is needed to protect the website avoinglam.fi against hijacking.

The AvoinGLAM group is managed by a steering group consisting of an equal number of members from each participating organisation (legal entity). Each steering group member can only represent one organisation.

The steering group plans the activities and records the ones that will be carried out with Wikimedia Finland’s funding in the GLAM-Wiki Activity Plan. The board of Wikimedia Finland approves the plan, and those activities are reported to Wikimedia Finland.

The meetings are open for anyone to attend.

Organisations clearly indicate the resources that they contribute, and which they require to be reported back to the organizations.

Membership: Participating in the workings of AvoinGLAM is free for anyone and does not require formal membership. All meetings are open for anyone to participate.

2.1 Representatives in the steering group[edit]

  1. WMFI: Wikimedia Finland Board appoints the GLAM-Wiki team consisting of Board members in the designated fields based on a motion from the AvoinGLAM group.
    • 2021: Fields: GLAM, languages, geographic information. Representatives: Tove Ørsted, Kimberli Mäkäräinen, Kaj Arnö
  2. OKFI: Open Knowledge Finland Board appoints representatives from the Board and working groups (eg. AvoinGLAM, Creative Commons Finland, Open Science) based on a motion from the AvoinGLAM group. The number of members should be equal to the number of members from other participating organizations.
    • 2021: Representatives: Tuomas Nolvi, Julia Brungs, Sanna Marttila (TBC)
  3. The outward facing contact person is selected among the steering group, unless there is a dedicated person for the role. In both cases, the person participates in the workings of the steering group.
    • 2021: Wikimedia Finland’s GLAM coordinator Susanna Ånäs will act as the contact person for the group.

3. Working methods[edit]

  1. Regular online meetings. The meetings will cover organizational issues as well as present topics for broader audiences.
  2. Webinar. The presentations can be part of a separate webinar series carried out by Open Knowledge Finland.
  3. Thematic groups or circles are formed around topics that we engage with. Groups should be able to emerge and be terminated flexibly.
  4. Shared online space. The #avoin-glam-wg group in Slack is shared between Open Knowledge Finland and Wikimedia Finland. The files are stored in Google Drive at OKFI. Most of the files will be open for anyone unless it is necessary to limit access to the steering group only.
  5. Online resources as part of capacity building for GLAMs as well as other public institutions and practitioners of open cultural heritage. We will develop the currently-hijacked avoinglam.fi and Wikipedia:GLAM in the Finnish Wikipedia for publishing case studies and best practices. We will publish our efforts through the This Month in GLAM and Open GLAM Medium publications internationally. The AvoinGLAM Facebook group and page and Twitter accounts, as well as Wikimedia Finland’s Facebook group and page as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts will support this.
  6. Initiating projects in partnership with different organizations and seeking funding for them.
  7. Advocacy and public policy for issues related to Open Access to cultural heritage. AvoinGLAM facilitates the public consultation of the OpenGLAM Declaration among Finnish GLAMs. AvoinGLAM advances networks, services and structures that contribute to the exchange of knowledge and capacity building among Finnish actors of cultural heritage. A long-term objective is to coordinate a community of actors around open cultural heritage, Digital Humanities, and public interest.
    • 2021: Key focus on copyright law reform in Finland and Public domain by participating in the transposition process of the DSM directive, and educating the GLAM sector on the consequences of the new legislation on sharing content online.

4. Legal status[edit]

  1. AvoinGLAM is a working group bringing together work on Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums from Open Knowledge Finland, Wikimedia Finland and Creative Commons Finland.
  2. The AvoinGLAM steering group can make decisions about the GLAM activities, but any decisions about the financials are to be carried out in the context of the organisations whose resources are at stake.
  3. AvoinGLAM is a working group at Open Knowledge Finland. It will be registered as an auxiliary name for OKFI to protect the website.
  4. Whenever possible, AvoinGLAM will sign petitions or agreements itself, but in cases when it is not legally possible, this is carried out by any of the participating organisations.