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In the spirit of the w:Awesome Foundation, this is a compact list of awesome projects, with lightweight indicators of support for their awesomeness, awards / support they have received, and links to iterated realizations of them.

Technical projects, design projects and ideas, and structural ideas (like the technical wishlist itself) are all welcome. Generators -- sources of ideas, and how to identify or extract them -- are also welcome, and may give rise to future individual projects.

If there is interest in this concept, we can make this an actual Awesome chapter and give out small honorary grants to selected projects each month.

Suggested awesome projects[edit]

  1. The existence of Brion Vibber Day and Magnus Manske Day as early recognition of core tool development :)
  2. The Technische Wünsche survey, starting with Raymond's work since 2013, which gave rise to other wishlists since!
  3. [Generator] Past technical wishlist items about improving / updating an awesome and popular tool
  4. [Design] Joaquin da Silva's gorgeous conceptual Wikipedia redesign, from animated logos to outdoor media campaigns.
  5. The Agora (a collated digital garden project)
  6. Mycorrhiza wiki
  7. ...add yours here!

Interested participants[edit]

If you would be interested in reviewing suggestions or contributing to a monthly awesome-grant pool, list yourself below.