Baneele Thuto Mahala

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Baneele Thuto Mahala[edit]

Baneele Thuto Mahala is a pilot contemplated project by user Mompati Dikunwane to find a nearby school in Botswana and introduce Wikipedia and its Sister projects to school students and teachers more especially the Setswana and English language teachers to aid in improving the ( and the encyclopedias.

Project Aims for Baneele Thuto Mahala[edit]

  • To create awareness on Wikipedia projects and educate the young people from Botswana schools on how to contribute to Wikipedia or how to use the wikipedia tools by training them under supervision of experienced wiki medians.

Target Audience[edit]

1.Computer studies teachers
2. Language teachers (Setswana and English)
3. High school students
4. Graduating Students

Actions of Baneele Thuto Mahala project[edit]

Baneele Thuto Mahala intends to create awareness about Wikipedia and its sister projects in high schools and teach them what Wikipedia is, how to be a part of Wikipedia and contribute to it,uploading images or media files and publish them under the public domain for free access (licensed free under Wikimedia Commons )

List of Schools[edit]

1. Ministry of youth sports and culture graduating students 2017 (Masunga village)(30 March 2017). This are the student who benefited from the Bill and melinda gates initiative, which came to Botswana to provide free education for Batswana citizens, and there by provided the free internet and wifi connection in all the libraries and study rooms in Botswana.See this link for more information about Bill and Melinda gates initiative (Bill and melinda free internet access initiative to all Botswana libraries). The project is dubbed Sesigo_Botswana_e_public_library_Sefalana_sa_kitso

List of names of Students/Teachers who attended the program[edit]

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