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Be a sunshine supporter

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(English) This is an essay. It expresses the opinions and ideas of some Wikimedians but may not have wide support. This is not policy on Meta, but it may be a policy or guideline on other Wikimedia projects. Feel free to update this page as needed, or use the discussion page to propose major changes.

Let's see positive in everything. Yes, you're right. "Everything" even in bad; Look out for the positive thing.

Be a sunshine supporter...

  1. ...for what it's worth.
  2. ...for not creating and/or promoting controversy.
  3. ...for the well being of communities.
  4. ...for promoting mutual coordination, love, understanding among the users from all around the globe.
  5. ...for the hard work and passion shown by user towards Wikimedia projects.
  6. ...for not demotivating users.
  7. ...for the good.
  8. ...for not disheartening god's made lovely human hearts.
  9. ...for making Jimmy Wales's imaginary world a reality.

Inspired from Novak Watchmen's supporting activities.

Authored by Tulsi Bhagat, a Wiki(p/m)edian from Nepal.