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An online Wikimedia training with BigBlueButton in 2021.

BigBlueButton is a widely used Free software and Open source video conferencing tool able to do video conferences and other meetings. BigBlueButton it's usually adopted in the field of distance learning and can be adopted by Wikimedia projects contributors for meetings, calls, conferences, ecc.

It's powerful but also simple (its name means something like "in order to join the meeting, just click that big blue button"). More details on the BigBlueButton Wikipedia page.

You have multiple ways to try and adopt BigBlueButton, described in this page.

Ethical values

BigBlueButton can be appreciated for some ethical values dear to Wikimedia projects:

Kliensfüggetlen Szerverfüggetlen Nincs harmadik fél
BigBlueButton Igen[1][2] Igen[3] Igen[4]
Jitsi Meeting Igen[1][2] Igen[3] Igen[4]
eduMeet Igen Igen Igen
Zoom No[5][2] No[6] No[6]
Google Meet No[5][2] No[6] No[6]

To use BigBlueButton you can just find a nice service provider or install it on a server (for maximum privacy and management).


Collaborative freehand drawing board in a BigBlueButton, useful during some meetings. It can be used while sharing webcams.

A BigBlueButton néhány kulcsfunkciója:

  • képernyő és webkamera egyidejű megosztása
  • akár 100 ember is beszélhet egy szobában probléma nélkül
  • megosztott szabadkézi rajzolás
  • csoportos és privát chat

* shared notes with visual editor (and export in multiple formats) * support for serious human real-time subtitling * ability to create multiple rooms and set room names and tune permissions for each * simple and powerful moderation tools (mute everyone, disable webcam for everyone, ecc.) * breakout rooms (ability to split the participants in smaller working rooms)

  • szavazások

* recording (it can record every webcam, every audio track, presentations, freehand drawing shared, ...) * pre-upload slides

  • kézfelemelés
  • megfelel a GDPR-nak
  • ...

Service providers

You can find good BigBlueButton providers searching on your favorite search engine "BigBlueButton provider NATION", eventually removing your nation from the query to find more.

As with any Free software, there are many ways to try it out:

  • költség- és garanciamentesen
  • fizetősen, professzionális támogatással

* installing it on your server for maximum privacy and customization

Here a list that you can expand to recommend a good BigBlueButton provider that you can pay to have professional support for your Wikimedia community.

Courtesy service at no cost

Here a list of courtesy BigBlueButton providers. They are available without any cost and without any warranty.

Feel free to get in touch with them providing some useful info:

  • Wikimedia Italia
    They use BigBlueButton for assemblies and meetings. When they don't have assemblies, they often lend their BigBlueButton for events or conferences.
  • ...

Be your own provider

You can also install BigBlueButton on a server and become your own service provider:


Íme néhány ember, akik segíthetnek a BigBlueButtonnel kapcsolatban:


  1. a b A megoldás tulajdonosi JavaScript telepítése nélkül működik.
  2. a b c d
  3. a b The server of this application is free software.
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