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User Jouster
Real name Dan Reif
It's me, a typical user!
Location Harrisonburg, VA
Age 24
User page(s) w:en:User:Jouster
Wikimedia participant since April 24, 2003
Projects in which I participate Almost exclusively enPedia, but I've poked around a bit (anonymously) in Commons, WikiQuote, and frPedia
Languages in which I participate English, some French
Link to user contribution pages enPedia
My candidate statement I submit myself as a nominee in large part as a baffle against policy creep. I'm a long-time user, frequent grammar policeman, and occasional contributor; my work with Wikipedia is, I think, highly typical of a large portion of users who do not typically get to be involved in high-level decisions. I am not an Administrator, a Steward, a Bureaucrat, a Checkuser, or a porn star. I'm just a user. If you want a user on the board who will keep the project simple, free (libre and gratuit), and accessible, I'm your candidate.
For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Jouster/questions