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2007 board elections

Committee reports

On 2 July, 2007



  • Total votes now sit at approximately 2,200.
  • All known bugs are solved.
  • Voting eligibility is expanded : People working hard for the Foundation in a certain amount are all invited to vote.


  • Total votes now sit at approximately 2,200. Those votes may include votes from one user but multiple projects, voluntary strikes by users themselves or involuntary strikes by Election Committee members, and undetected frauds, and possible valid votes may sit around 2,000.


  • [Voting eligibility expansion] Election Committee announces the voting eligibility to be expanded with the approval of the Wikimedia Board of Trustees. Now Election Committee would happily invite the contributors to the project in any other way of editing. The total number of affected people is estimated less than 10. Further information is available at MetaWikiPedia:Board elections/2007/Voting eligibility expansion.


  • [Certificate] Now the Certificate issued by SPI wiki is switched to a CACert certificate as requested.
  • [Dump again] Memory limit issue was solved. Anyone can get the dump again.
  • [Candidates 2007] We filled many setting files with 2007 data. Some languages' setting may include the outdated 2006 information, but we expect all voters get the links to the platform of currently running candidates.
  • [Problem] In Day 5, no new technical problem was reported to the Election Committee.
  • [Last but not the least] We wholeheartedly appreciate Michael Schultheiss, SPI Vice President for his cooperation.

Translation requests[edit]

  • [Candidates] A complete set of candidate statements is available in 14 languages include German, French, Japanese and also English :)
  • [Wanted!] Arabic and Russian translators are expected to help translations of Candidate presentations. Catalan, Romanian and Turkish translators are also called for.