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Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2007/Results

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Election results for Wikimedia Board of Trustees


The Wikimedia Board Election Steering Committee hereby gives notice of the results of the 2007 Board of Trustees election. The winners are Erik Möller, Kathleen Walsh and Frieda Brioschi. They are known also by the usernames Eloquence, Mindspillage and Frieda respectively. The Board of Trustees endorses the results and appoints Möller, Walsh and Brioschi effective today, on July 12, 2007. Erik and Kathleen will continue on the board for another term. Brioschi will be invited to join the Board, effective today. The term to which Möller, Walsh and Brioschi are appointed will end with the regular 2009 election.

In total, 4170 valid single ballots were cast and accepted; the specific results are as follows:

1. Eloquence (Erik Möller) 1671 votes
2. Mindspillage (Kathleen Walsh) 1427 votes
3. Frieda (Frieda Brioschi) 1254 votes
4. Oscar (Oscar van Dillen) 1234 votes
5. Michael Snow 1229 votes
6. Danny (Danny Wool) 1217 votes
7. Yann (Yann Forget) 1153 votes
8. Kim Bruning 1124 votes
9. UninvitedCompany (Steve Dunlop) 1047 votes
10. Kate (River Tarnell) 889 votes
11. Kingboyk (Stephen Kennedy) 864 votes
12. Ausir (Paweł Dembowski) 693 votes
13. ^demon (Michael "Chad" Horohoe) 672 votes
14. WarX (Artur Jan Fijałkowski) 571 votes
15. DragonFire1024 (Jason Safoutin) 495 votes

We would like to take this opportunity to give our thanks to all the candidates. We, on behalf of the community, appreciate the frank and honest debate. We further thank all of the voters who participated in this election as well as the developers, translators, and others who supported and promoted the election.

We further wish to thank Software in the Public Interest for hosting the election website, and particularly Michael Schultheiss, Vice President, who took responsibility for tallying and reporting the results to the Committee. Without the support of both SPI and Michael this election would have been much more difficult.


The Wikimedia Board Election Steering Committee, 2007

Jon Harald Søby