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Wikimedia Brazil and Wikimedia Foundation talks about Wikipedia and Education in Brazil[edit]

Wikipedia and Free Culture, by Mateus Nobre (WMBR)
Wikipedia and the future of Education, by Tom (WMF consultant)

Wikimedia Brazil together with Wikimedia Foundation has organized activities supporting the use of Wikipedia on Education. Mateus Nobre, a Wikimedia Brazil volunteer, has talked about Wikipedia and Free Culture, giving a general panorama on the history of encyclopedias, from the medieval to the information age, where we have Wikipedia as part of the free culture movement. Mateus and Jonas have also invited the coordinator of the Wikipedia Education Program in Brazil to talk about Wikipedia and the Future of Education, where he talked on the importance of making mistakes and being curious, inspired in the text of Aaron Swartz, How to get a job like mine. It was also emphasized the importance to learn how to learn in the modern world, with some thought of the classical The Demon-Haunted Worl: Science as a Candle in the Dark, by Carl Sagan, and how Wikipedia and Internet can help on that, giving examples discussed with wikipedians on why Wikipedia is important to education.

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