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Professor Orientation[edit]

When: 3 March, 2012
Participating Brazilian professors will be given a mandatory orientation[1] to Wikipedia, and offered coaching on how to:

  • Most effectively incorporate Wikipedia editing into their classroom
  • Work alongside a Campus Ambassador
  • Participate in Wikipedia.

The mandatory orientation will be in March 2012. The one-day orientation aims at enabling instructors to successfully integrate Wikipedia into their syllabus and at giving them an overview of Wikipedias core policies, structures and workflows. Teachers will also learn basic editing and on-wiki communication techniques. The orientation will comprise three main modules:

  • Module 1: Wikipedia Education Program Overview

Note: for a sample presentation, see Ambassador Program Overview

    • Wikipedia Education Program overview and role descriptions
    • Goals of the pilot and measures of success
    • Where to get help
    • Requirements and logistics
  • Module 2: About Wikipedia
    • Core Wikipedia policies
    • Encyclopedic writing style
    • Copyright and plagiarism
    • Anatomy of an article
    • Editing skills
    • Wikipedia site anatomy (recent changes, page history, watchlists)
    • Communicating on-wiki
    • What makes a good article?
  • Module 3: Syllabus and assignment design
    • Learning objectives for a Wikipedia assignment
    • Sample syllabus
    • Tips & learning points on assignment design
    • How to grade students' work

Campus ambassadors will also be a part of this training.


  • Training on Wikipedian items
  • Assign specific Ambassadors to Courses
  • Update course pages
  • Update Ambassador Information
  • Create course design for each class, with target deadlines and planned incorporation of Wikipedia into classroom


  1. Everton (coordenador do programa piloto)
  2. Juliana (professora, UNIRIO)
  3. Pablo (professor, USP Leste)
  4. Heloisa (professora, UNESP Marília)
  5. Carolina (professora, USP Butantã - MAE)
  6. Vera (professora, USP Butantã)
  7. Otavio (embaixador de campus, UNIRIO)
  8. Mariana (embaixadora de campus, USP Butantã)
  9. Vitor (embaixador de campus, USP Butantã)
  10. Luciana (embaixadora de campus, USP Leste)
  11. Diego (possível embaixador de campus, USP Butantã)
  12. Oona (consultora dos programas da Wikimedia Foundations no Brasil)
  1. Béria (campus ambassador, USP Leste) - participará via skype

Module trainers[edit]

(additional community members coming to help train)

  • ...

Campus Ambassador Orientation[edit]

Anticipated date:
The Campus Ambassador orientation will take between one and two full days on a face-to-face basis. Major topics covered will include: overview of the Wikipedia Education Program and Cairo Pilot, expectations and responsibilities for Campus Ambassadors, presentation and public speaking skills, how to teach newbies to edit Wikipedia, tips on working with professors and students, and fundamental Wikipedia-editing skills. Local Wikipedians will be in charge of leading the orientation, with help from previously developed training materials. The orientation will be interactive and hands-on.

  1. For more information on this decision, see description in the Cairo Pilot Program Plan.