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WEP in Brazil meeteting: 2 April 2012[edit]


  • Tom
  • Jessie
  • Oona


  • Classes status: very briefly on all 5 professors
  • Agree on goals for this first semester pilot
  • Should we include another professor?
  • Outreaching along the semester

Classes status[edit]


  • Removed one class she planned initially to work with. Now working with 60 first year students
  • She wants improve critical reading with her students through Wikipedia concepts
  • Oona to Juliana "is there a way to publish the results of this work as part of WEP project?"
    • Ideas: Publishing on Wikiversity? Talk pages of the articles?
  • Juliana thinks some students will end up editing Wikipedia, but she won't make this task mandatory
  • Since it's a pilot, we do have space to check if this strateg can work out
  • Juliana has made 3 projects to work with Wikipedia: CONVERGE (Distance Learning Education, an extension course and a research project), which will bring as outputs didact material for woking with Wikipedia in Universities, will sistematize different experiences and methodologies to work with Wikipedia in Universities,

Possible solutions:

  • 1st. FGV people, so that we can have 3 in São Paulo and 3 in Rio, so that at this moment Oona could help to "watch them" and I'd watch 3 professors in SP.
  • 2nd. professor Henrique from UNIFESP. A lot of students, he is already using Wikiversity and we could include very simple taks in Wikipedia for the best students, as we are doing in Cairo. Now the student are on strike, so we could have more time
  • 3rd. Do nothing - allow the program to remain with only the current professors


  1. talk to FGV to engage in the program next semester
  2. keep an eye on the work of Henrique to make sure this is succesful and try to bring him next semester to Wikipedia.


  • she sent a SMS to me saying she wants to talk to all CA after eastern vacation to use WEP with her gradutate students. We'd have 12 students working on Wikipedia and I believe CA (mainly the newbies Mariana Jó and Victor) arealready doing some job to form a Wikipedia club at USP, which is essential for us create a sustainble project soon



  • around 60 students divided in 2 classes (night and day). All HAVE TO create encycloped articles in groups of 4 or 5 students


  • very organized with Vini. We still needs some outreaching and we need Vini to report the situation. Each of his 13 students will have an electromagnetism to take care of. A good article = 1 point out of 10 in the final grade.

Pilot goals[edit]

  • number of students: If we can't reach it this year, that's ok and not worth sacrificing quality
    • We can compensate for this goal by doing increased outreach on campuses this semster, and with professors for next semester recruiting

General stuff:

  • for sustainibility: publish which professors are opened to have new ambassadors and make them reach each other.


  • Need to come up with a strategic way to give overview of the WEP in different areas of the country
    • Perhaps do this via skype?

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