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Meeting global education program: 13th of December of 2011


  • Jessie (USA)
  • Nitika (India)
  • Tom (Brazil)


Our classes will start here at the end of February (after carnival), so I believe we have to have CAs recruited before 10th (at most 15th) of February, so that we can organize the training for all of them in 15 days. I want to ask:

  1. How many campus ambassadors have applied there and what fraction of them were choosen as a CA?
  2. How was the selection process? What would you change after your first experience?
  3. How much time in advance have you had to publicize you were recruiting CAs before the selection process?
  4. What fraction of the candidates were on and off CAs?
  5. What fraction of them had already experience in editing Wikipedia? Were most of the classes with CAs already with a CAs with experience in editing Wikipedia?
  6. May you give me an idea how difficult was to train CAs without prior Wikipedia experience?
  7. Were there many cases where CAs have left the professor alone? What have you done in such cases?
  8. What fraction of the classes do you consider it was a success? May you give me such links?

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Campus Ambassadors[edit]

  • Used geo-notices for recruiting; only focused on peolpe in the geographic location (i.e., Pune)
  • CAs first things they have done in India
  • Had ~38 CAs, but only ~12 are active.
    • Most of the inactive CAs are the ones that work/live off of campus
    • Only 5-10% were Wikipedians
  • Decrease the number of students (~100)
  • Nitika will check how mny CA they have
  • they thought about having scholarships to ambassador and are giving certificates
  • We could make a competition with CAs to the
  • Use scientific trainning students
  • Use universities/schools with high ranks (not only tho)
  • Use language professors + translations
  • Spread classes by fields?
  • Use google translation + crowsourcing translation (pad/gdocs + wikipedia) - I like it!
  • Mistake: online ambassadors came very late
  • From 700, they selected 20-22 CAs
  • They had around 45 - 50 online ambassadors
  • They had around 1000 students
  • Needed more people to review copyright violations for this number of students and online ambassadors
  • Some students braking Wikipedia rules and insisting caused them to be blocked
  • Professors has to have user logins and use talk pages
  • Involve community more (all the strategy and details)
  • We should make videos of CAs teaching
  • Use Wikiversity to involve professors
  • 45% of the students made copyright violations (copyvios)
  • IEP tried do not use commons, but some students have used it (with some copyvios)
  • Tried to tie up online ambassador with students (1 OA to 5 students):

Copyright violations (copyvios)[edit]

  • Professors not trained on this in Brazil; also was an issue in India

Professor training[edit]

  • Didn't occur in the past in India; there was just a big presentation
  • Going forward, this would be a selection criteria for the professor
    • Needs to understand the amount of effort required
    • Had a hard time helping students


  • Making assignments a voluntary assignment

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