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Cairo and Brazil pilots: follow-up meeting[edit]


  • Annie
  • Tom
  • Jessie
  • Frank


  • Cairo and Brazil pilots situation
  • Institutionalization
  • Ambassadors recruitment
  • Regular meeting in pairs of countries participating of the program instead of all together


  • US in the 1st semester of the WEP (7 pages/student) vs Cairo pilot (13(!) pages/student). 1 page = 1500 characters
  • Problem: a couple of classes really slow to move off wiki to on wiki
    • Movement happening in workshops outside of the class time
  • Since the community is small and more friendly, it's easier to work on the main domain of the Arabic Wikipedia as compared to other Wikipedias (like English and Portuguese Wikipedia)

Next semester[edit]

  • Using NGOs for recruitments
  • Starting day: Cairo is starting on late September
  • Goal: 20 classes; a couple cities/countries (Egypt + 1 or 2 other countries)
  • Improving the trainning materials
  1. How important are the professor and ambassadors for engaging students on these workshops? Are most students engaging in those workshops?
  • Professors are really essential for the success of those activities.
  1. What kind of NGOs?
  2. How many cities are you going to work with?
  • 2 or 3 cities

Professors selection[edit]

  • How to say no to a professor and don't exclude him: be up-front in our limits (e.g., "We can only support 10 classes this semester")
  • Requirements to join the program


Recruiting ambassadors[edit]

  • Expanding in a sustainable way
  • Trainning students to be ambassadors
    • Threats and actual cases of new wikipedians


  • What to ask and what other programs have been asking
    • Outreach materials
    • Scholarship to ambassadors
    • Extension course
    • Certificates for students and professors

MediaWiki Extension for the WEP[edit]

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