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Brazil Program/Reports/August Report 2013

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Institutional Partnerships[edit]

Data & Experiments[edit]

  • In progress: Configuration of Portuguese Wikipedia data for automatic update on ptwikis, instead of on Limn, in order to faciliate regular updates and the work in partnership with the community.
  • In progress: Localization of Snuggle for the PT-WP.
  • In progress: Timeline: development of a non-tech interface for events add, facilitating edits by the community
  • In progress: Improvement and evaluation of Abuse Filters. This is part of the Antivandalism project and we've been supporting the community in enhancing tools to be used when emergency mode of CAPTCHA is definitely removed.
  • In progress: WikiProjeto Medicina: The bot to engage newcomers in specific wikiprojects has been approved. The first version of if is meant to be used for the Medicine/Health Wikiproject in a partnership with the Ministry of Health, bringing professionals from the Brazilian Health system to edit Wikipedia.

Catalyzing Wikipedia - support community on online acitivites[edit]


  • Installation and Translation of education extension (and its documentation) for the education program submitted at Bugzilla
  • Configuration of a mailing list to support the creation of the network of professors, and exchange of experiences
  • Meetings with potential partners
    • Meeting with Abril Educação: detailing the proposal for the Wikimedia Foundation, finalizing budget and discussing further agreements with other Brazilian organizations.
    • Meeting with the Ministry of Education: presenting the education program to the Brazilian government to discuss future support
    • Meeting with SERPRO (Gov IT Company): presenting the education program and discussing the possibility of including modules of Wikimedia projects tutorials in Digital Inclusion distance learning courses coordinated by SERPRO.
    • Meeting with Bandtec/Colegio Bandeirantes: discussed partnership with secondary school, through the School's technology project
    • Meeting with Universidade de Passo Fundo: discussed joining the program Wikipédia na Universidade, engaging in class assignments activities
    • Meeting with Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). There is a group of more than 5 professors willing to work with Wikimedia projects. Four of them are already collaborating with class assignments on Physics, Maths, German (translation) and Educational softwares. They are wiling to develop more activities as a university group with the support of WMF and the Brazil Catalyst program.
    • Meeting with Piraí Digital (a project in the first Brazilian city to deploy public wifi all over the city) coordinators to define and realize a workshop in September with teachers and local coordinators

Meet-ups and events[edit]

  • Oona, Henrique and Celio attended Wikimania 2013 in HK.
  • Rodrigo attended CONSEGI in Brasilia where was realized some meetings with GOV Ministryes members and other IT Departments