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Bridges across Cultures
2nd edition, December 5th, 2018 - January 20th, 2019

Evaluation criteria[edit]

All the articles created or improved within the contest will be evaluated using the following scoring system.

  • Below 5 kB added - 0 points
  • Between 5 kB and 20 kB added - 10 points
  • Between 20 kB and 30 kB added - 20 points
  • More than 30 kB added - 30 points

Only articles created in the participating categories and related to the countries considered for the contest will be evaluated. Lists or galleries won't be considered for the contest. Articles with a size over 10 kB before the start of the contest won't be considered too.

Articles deleted, content removed or articles tagged as automatic translations before January 10th, will not be considered for the final results.

In case a participant edits in different projects, the score will be the sum of the points from those projects in the same region (Spanish and Portuguese as one joint score, and Arabic, Persian and Turkish as another). In case one participant wins the prize in both parts of the contest, it will be considered only as the winner in the region with the highest points, while the prize in the other region will be given to the participant with the next highest points.


Eight prizes will be given, according to the points obtained by the users. There will be prizes for the top 3 users from Latin American wikis and top 3 users from the MENA wikis. Also, there will be a prize to the best entry, one for Latin American wikis and one for MENA wikis, that will be chosen by the organizing committee of the contest.

  • First place: A USD 250 gift card, or equivalent.
  • Second place: A USD 150 gift card, or equivalent.
  • Third place: A USD 100 gift card, or equivalent.
  • Quality prize: A USD 250 gift card, or equivalent.
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