Building Open GLAM Community for Sustainable Open Licensing Practices in Nigeria/Timeline and Activites

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Building Open Culture Community for Sustainable Open Licensing Practices in Nigeria


In person discussion and 2 in person trainings
  • Creation of a project documentation page and a Meta page for Open GLAM advocates in Nigeria. Done
  • Create promotional materials for social media awareness. Done
  • Establishment of a Network of at least 30 Open GLAM/Open Licensing advocates in Nigeria. Done
  • Publish a report on Open GLAM Practices discussion in Nigeria.
  • Build the capacity of 30 GLAM professionals in Nigeria to use open platforms and open licensing to create visibility for their collections, as well as link them to a global knowledge base. Done
  • Recruit at least 30 Open GLAM professionals from Nigeria to join the Open Culture Platform. Done
  • Creation of a virtual interactive platform for continuous open GLAM engagement in Nigeria. Doing...
  • Increase digitization of GLAM collections/Structures and increased online visibility and accessibility of GLAM collections/Structures through the use of appropriate CC platforms, tools and licenses. Done
Building Open Culture 2nd in person training and uploadathon


Start Date: 1st July 2023

End Date: 30th September 2023

Intermediate Milestones: Recruitment of 30 Open GLAM advocates among GLAM professionals in Nigeria, and building capacity of GLAM professionals in Nigeria on the use of Open Platforms to promote open knowledge. Done

PLANNING (Tentative)[edit]

From the 1st to the 2nd week of July 2023;

  • Creation of the project documentation page on Meta wiki or OutreachWiki, detailing the project goals, activities, timelines, communication channels, and project metrics. Done
  • A Call for GLAM professionals to join the project using Google Forms and E-posters. Done
  • Preparation and adaptation of CC training materials by the project team. Done
  • Creation of communication channels for the project team and creation of Social media platforms for publicity online. Done
  • Online and Offline meetings with stakeholders in the GLAM sectors of the 6 Geo-political regions in Nigeria to pitch our project idea, solicit their support, and secure partnerships/ collaborations. Done

From the 3rd to 4th week of July 2023;

  • Creation and distribution of invitations to 30 Stakeholders in the GLAM sector in Nigeria for a round table discussion. Done
  • Review of CC training materials by the programs committee and adjustment of the design for better printing quality, etc. Done
  • General printing of CC training materials for the project implementation. Done
  • Promotion and dissemination of the program online; Doing...
  • Selection of participants who meet the program criteria after a thorough review of applications submitted by the project team. Done
  • Conducting pre-survey/needs assessment for GLAM professionals. Done
  • Creating communication channels via Social Media Platforms for selected participants using WhatsApp and Telegram. Done


  • 1st online workshop/training for 30 GLAM professionals in Nigeria — Thursday, 27th of July, 2023. Done

* 1st-2nd Week of August

    • 2nd online workshop/training for 30 GLAM professionals in Nigeria — Friday, 11th of August, 2023 Done
    • In-person Round table Discussions and 1st in-person meeting for 30 GLAM professionals in Nigeria — Wednesday, 16th of August, 2023. Done

* 3rd Week of August 2023

    • 2nd in-person workshop/training for 30 GLAM professionals in Nigeria — Saturday, 19th of August, 2023 Done

* 4th Week of August 2023

    • Reporting online via social media on the outcomes of the round table discussion held. Done
    • Publishing of Report from the roundtable discussion held on Medium/ Diff. Done
    • 1st to 4th Week of August 2023 all participants will be involved in edit-a-thons, and upload-a-thons on Wikipedia and WikiCommons during the project and their contributions would be tracked using an outreach dashboard. Done


1st to 15th September 2023

  • Finish inputting evaluation questions into Google Forms. Done
  • Data Collation Preparation. Done
  • Launch of Online Post-Survey (email and promotion during the graduation ceremony). Done
  • Generate and analyze post-survey data for processing. Done
  • Compile and organize post-survey and interview results.
  • Submission of project reports on 15th September 2023. Done