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First ever Russian wiki-bicycle-ramble[edit]

Translated from the Russian Wikinews article Первая российская вело-вики-экскурсия
One ramble participant is making a photograph for Russian Wikipedia article «Krarlamov bridge (Kolpino)». The other participant is photographing her doing that, and their bicycles are located on the Kolpino's ground for the while.

On Saturday April 27 a group of Saint Petersburg wikipedians had held a first-ever in whole history of Russian Wikimedia movement wiki-ramble using bicycles. The goal for the ramble was the town of Kolpino, founded in 1722 and now administratively located within Saint Petersburg. Participants aimed to make photos of cultural heritage objects and other items for Wikimedia Commons, Wikivoyage and Wikipedia projects.

The path for the ramble was assembled according the current state of Russian Wikivoyage's List of Cultural Heritage sites in Kolpino (you may also see the map). The most important ones were the items of the list that were not yet photographed for Wikimedia — not missing other interesting places. For example, while going to Kolpino on local train one of the wikipedians-bicyclists had made a picture of the nearby railway platform called Izhorsky zavod for its article in Russian Wikipedia which needed illustration since 2012. Izhorsky zavod platform serves giant Izhorskiye Zavody industrial complex which is considered a "city-forming enterprise" for Kolpino.

The images taken during the ramble, which are, as result, "purely licensed", are being placed at Wikimedia Commons so they can furtherly be used at all of Wikimedia projects. Recently, in the report about previous (but non-bicycle) local ramble to Sestroretsk, it was emphasized that the participants aim to create a Wikimedia user group of Russian-Northwestern "local-wiki-historians" for further collaboration on various types of Wiki-editing based on Cultural Heritage Lists at Russian Wikivoyage.

The stops on the path

The full set of images taken during the trip see at Commons category c:Category:Wikimeetup in Kolpino 2019-04-27. Those who have examined the abovementioned Kolpino Wikivoyage object list may have noticed that the bicyclists skipped a number of unphotographed items. It's because they are located at the vast Izhorskiye Zavody territory closed for public access—it's still up for future trips. When projected Wikimedia user group of Russian-Northwestern "local-wiki-historians" is created, it will be more likely to arrange an "official" excursion there with the intermediation of Wikimedia RU—in a similar way the excursion was made in 2016 at Uralelectromed metallurgical plant in Sverdlovsk oblast (you can watch Russian language Wikinews report with many colorful photos); and the 2019 excursion to Rostselmash plant in Rostov-on-Don city (watch here the photos in the same way).