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Group of Russian Wiki users accomplished Wiki-Ramble to Pushkin town to document little-known houses for Wikimedia[edit]

Based on the Russian Wikinews article Петербургские википедисты освоили малоизвестные пушкинские места
The excursion people

Wikipedians of Saint Petersburg and their friends continue to maintain their activities in registration of two Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) User Groups dedicated to history and culture of North-West of Russia. As mentioned before, there are 2 applications being considered at WMF: user group UG-NWR — "North-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group" and UG-SPB — "Wikimedians of Saint Petersburg User Group".

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At the wiki meeting on July 30, it was decided to organize as much as possible a massive wiki excursion to a relatively accessible place — for General coordination, discussion of plans and, of course, a pleasant and informative pastime. This place specialists in St. Petersburg history and geography chose the world-famous city of Pushkin, formerly known as Tsarskoye Selo. It is easily accessible from St. Petersburg, the administrative part of which it has been since 1936 — this allowed even to include a dog in the composition of the tourists, who became a participant of such an event for the second time.

The route of the excursion (also it can be called a wiki-expedition) was traditionally based on the lists of cultural heritage objects, which are painstakingly compiled in their sub-project of the Wikimedia — Wikivoyage Foundation — Wikipedia travelers and local historians. The list of objects of Tsarskoye Selo Duma is very large — because of the special historical role of the city. This list can also be viewed as a map, which makes it easier to work on the route in search of the necessary monuments of architecture and history. It is not previously photographed and little-studied objects usually determine the route of such excursions — participants fill in the gaps in the lists. Therefore, traditional tourist places of Pushkin — Catherine and Alexander parks — tourists bypassed, focusing on the construction of the Central part of the city. Oddly enough, photos of historical buildings and structures of Tsarskoye Selo, located outside the parks, on Wikimedia Commons until recently was very small, which made it difficult to illustrate not only the lists in Wikivoyage, but also articles about the sights of the city in Wikipedia.

Thanks to Andrey Petrov, Moksha and Erzya wiki activists also joined the tour. One of the invited guests was Valentina Alemania. Valentina Dmitrievna – collector of Moksha folklore in the villages of Kizhevatovo, Suitcase , Sosnovka. She published "Materials on the language and folklore of the village Kizhevatovo Penza region" (in 3 parts). In his village stepanivka of the same in the Penza region it publishes the magazine "Small homeland" and is the promoter of Ethnography and local history among the students of the local school. All this, however, does not prevent Valentina Dmitrievna from being interested in the history of other places — in particular, St. Petersburg.

Despite the relaxed nature of the tour, devoted mainly to the lively communication of the audience, they managed to fill the Commons with more than a hundred pictures of historical buildings and structures of Tsarskoye Selo. These images are already being used to illustrate relevant Wikipedia articles and listings in Wikivoyage.

The stops on the path and other event happenings

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