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From the team[edit]

By Spiritia
Wikipedia Happy New Year.png

Another year is passing and it's time for recollections and analysis, and time for plans for the future. In recent years, we are living in "interesting times", with multiple simultaneous challenges facing Wikipedia, free knowledge and societies as a whole, related to the freedom of speech, right to access information, net neutrality, "alternative facts", critical comprehension of the information, especially online. We have many battles to choose from, and we have to choose wisely.

The passing year was full of difficulties, but also new beginnings and stories of inspiration and success. Let us take the best of it and build upon it in the year to come! Let us show the world that Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement are one of the best role models for altruistic cooperation and adherence to highest standards of quality in the information age. And let us, the Wikimedians of the CEE region be an example for constructive dialogue and mutual enrichment.

Happy New 2018 Year!