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CEE/Newsletter/June 2018/Contents/From the team

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From the team[edit]

By Spiritia

Despite the delay in announcing that, in the summer "CEE Newsletter" will be published at a bit slower pace. Apart of the current issue being rescheduled to June/July, expect the next issue of the CEE Newsletter for the months July/August to be published in the end of August. Please use the Newsroom to add your stories and activity reports, as well as any important announcements you may want to make for the forthcoming September and onwards.

We are happy that in this issue, the Slovak wiki community for the first time share their story with the Newsletter, especially for the happy occasion of their recognition as a Wikimedia affiliate. Also, in the Regional report, you will read how a non-CEE version of Wikipedia has covered CEE women in a month-long editathon, keeping a tradition from the last year.

Have a happy summer, and enjoy your well deserved vacation! (Vacation, not wikivacation, right?!)