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Macedonia report: WikiBeer, editathons and new GLAM collaborations[edit]

Startup of the WikiBeer project[edit]

By Македонец

On 3rd of March, started the WikiBeer project, a new project of Shared Knowledge on Wikipedia on Macedonian language, whose principal goal is to make visits to breweries, beer festivals and events in order to help by improving existing and creating new articles for the domestic beer brands and industry, domestic breweries and pubs that are part of this industry. The project came up as an idea and closely resembles of the previous Wikiwine projects, where several industrial plant were already visited, primarily wineries and food industry plants. This visit was organized within the first Crafting beer saloon event, by Македонец, Иван Ж and our partner organization Slow Food Vodno which already helped us in organization of Wiki Loves Food 2017 photographic contest and currently we are working together to conduct Agroexpeditions project. Hence, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with Slow Food which was co-organizer of this event. Crafting beer saloon was attended by 12 producers of home made craft beers from different cities in Macedonia and one from Greece where dozens of images were photographed which in the next period will be uploaded and used for creation of articles on Wikipedias in support of this branches of the beer industry and culture.

"Bitalon" - The Hackaton of Bitola: Official partnership & participation[edit]

By Македонец

After of period of preparations on an invitation of our member Igor Izotov, who was a main organizer of the event, "Shared Knowledge" as a Wikimedia User Group in Macedonia took part and participated as an official partner of "Bitalon - The Hackaton of Bitola". Bitalon was the first ever hackathon aiming to tell the story of the old Jewish community in the Balkans through the Jewish cemetery "Beit hahaim" (Park of the living) in Bitola. The Israel ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of IT in Macedonia invited numerous programmers, designers and developers from the IT sector in Macedonia together with mentors from companies and Universities from Israel and Macedonia to take part in developing a digital experience for the visitors in the Park of the living in Bitola, where the story of the Jewish community had a main part in its past and will have a main part in its future.Also as a part of the team had mentors from several areas who assisted the participants The team of Wikipedians from "Shared Knowledge" consisted of User:Kiril Simeonovski, User:Иван Ж and User:Македонец and a designer from other team mk:User:Marija Pet, who was a participant on Architecture Edit-a-thon in 2016, made an editing activity similar to edit-a-thon where they have created and edited several articles as well as uploaded images about personalities and the history of the extinct Jewish community of Bitola with the materials sent by organizers and by the translation tool. All of the created content and information was used by the other participants for the design and the content of their applications. Also, the members of the "Shared Knowledge" had a chance to make a short meeting with the ambassador of Israel, H.E. Dan Oryan , where were discussed several topics and exchange of previously prepared and signed memorandum of cooperation.

Edit-a-thon about music articles[edit]

By Violetova

On 17 March 2018, the members of the Mixed choir "Artizan" together with members of GLAM Macedonia, a Wikimedia User Group in Macedonia, and the members of Wiki Clubs in Macedonia lead by GLAM Macedonia, created 20 new articles about music, 15 existing articles were improved and two photos regarding performance of the Macedonian choirs were uploaded on Commons. This collaboration on the theme music come after we received an invitation by several musicians in order to improve the music articles on mkwiki. The main editing together event took part at the evening hours in Public Room in Skopje.

Two new agreements with GLAM institutions were signed[edit]

By Violetova

Two new agreements were signed between GLAM institutions in the Republic of Macedonia and GLAM Macedonia. We started a new collaboration with Institute of National History (INI), signing agreement with the officials, in order to start Wikipedian in Residence activity. This collaboration started actively in March 2018, when the first results were as following: 24 new created articles and 35 existing articles were edited by the members of GLAM Macedonia. The materials and books were provided by the WiR in collaboration with the INI employees. The second agreement was signed with the City Library "Braka Miladinovci" in Skopje. This agreement is to continue the previous successful collaboration with the Library.

GLAM Macedonia, a Wikimedia User Group in Macedonia, has four signed Agreements with GLAM institutions in Macedonia in 2018. Beside the two mentioned new agreements, we have signed agreements with the State Archives in the Republic of Macedonia and with the Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje, for collaboration this year.