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Creating articles about Macedonian rock music groups

Starting from February 6, 2023, within the framework of the educational program of GLAM Macedonia, the members of Art House Karev were trained to work on Wikipedia, i.e. students from the high school Nikola Karev in Skopje. Those students are part of the extracurricular activity of the teacher and mentor, Emilia Ristanovska. Those students committed themselves to create articles on mk.wiki about Macedonian rock music groups and musicians only. Several meetings, trainings and workshops were held in February, March and April.

One of the activities with this group was the workshop held on April 5, 2023 in the Javna Soba in Skopje. 10 students participated who created and edited Wikipedia in the Macedonian language with rock music groups and bands from Macedonia. Professor and mentor Emilia Ristanovska and Snezhana Shtrkovska were present at the workshop, and guests of the workshop were: the author of the Macedonian rock encyclopedia, Tosho Filipovski, who is giving the permission of using the texts from his book, and the founder of the music register Vasil Buraliev, who is giving permission of using the photos of musicians and bands from his website.

Results so far: 33 articles are edited so far. The students are on their summer holiday, and after the summer months, the activities will continue.

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