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Pocket-sized North-West Wiki-Histories
By: Lvova Anastasiya

The group can not receive grants for its activity but participants regularly visit different locations with local history studies.

The NWHist usergroup recently celebrated 4 years since the founding. During it we made a walk to the house of Abamelek-Lazarev to illustrate interiors and took detailed illustration of some buildings from the list of cultural heritage sites about which there are no articles yet.

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Fourth celebration of the user group North-West Russia Wiki-Historians

A trip was undertaken to photograph the cultural heritage of Ivangorod in more detail; based on it, the lists of the city’s cultural heritage were significantly improved. It looks like we were lucky to find an original wall decorations in the crumbling Stieglitz estate.

With the help of a usergroup guest, user Darafsh, representatives of the user group photographed the interiors of the prayer hall of the Cathedral St. Petersburg Mosque. The lunch part of wikimeetup was held in the cultural heritage building. During the visit, many buildings and interior details were photographed, which the usergroup members helped to categorize. Also all exhibits of the Sassanid silver collection from the Hermitage collection were photographed and sorted on Wikimedia Commons. This work became possible thanks to a meeting of participants in Tbilisi at the WMCEE Conference.

Ruins in the crumbling Stieglitz estate in Ivangorod

We did small meetups in Moscow, in the General Treasury building of Saint-Petersburg (than was also affected some heritage nearby, like the Revenue house of the Commercial School), visited Dushanbe and held our 4th traditional gathering.

The latest, but not the last our tale is related to Wiki Loves Monuments: the group has its own nomination in Russian part of WikiLovesMonuments, Estates of the North-West. 4 of 10 best photos of the local contest are already from our region (also 2 of 8 photos of Cultural heritage under threat, so our work of writing articles about architectural monuments and photographing them is urgently relevant). The members of usergroup chose the image of the Neklyudov estate (Valuyev estate) in the Pskov region (the author is Ted.ns, CC-BY-SA-4.0) as a winner; this is not a too famous object, it is also under threat, has a good composition and well corresponds to the essence of our nomination.

And that's how the tale concludes for today and kudos to those who listened.