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Olesia Lukaniuk, Project Manager for Wiki Loves Earth International Wikimedia Ukraine


Wiki Loves Earth is at full steam in the CEE region


This year Wikimedia Ukraine is supporting the 11th edition of the international photo contest devoted to natural heritages Wiki Loves Earth!

Wiki Loves Earth is an annual international photographic competition. Participants take pictures of local natural heritage in their countries and upload them to Wikimedia Commons, a sister project of Wikipedia. For all participating countries there are separate competitions organized by local teams.

This year WLE is taking place between 1st May and 31st July. We have a flexible approach regarding local dates, and local organizers decide when exactly to hold their contest within the international timeframe.

This year, a record number of participating countries — 52 countries and territories — showed interest in organizing a competition. Up to date, some of the local teams have already finished their contest and are on the stage of selecting their local winning images (which should be submitted by 1st September). And most of the countries are holding a contest now; some will be starting soon.

So far, we have 31 000+ uploaded images and 1 700+ uploaders.

Among the CEE region, we have such countries that already had their contest:

Armenia (1 June - 30 June) — 2 946 uploads;

Azerbaijan (1 May - 31 May) — 284 uploads;

Croatia (1 June - 30 June) — 326 uploads;

Czech Republic (1 May - 31 May) — 347 uploads; already submitted their local winners;

Turkey (1 June - 30 June) — 1 400 uploads.

Also, countries, in which the contest has already started and will end in July:

Kazakhstan (15 June - 15 July) — 569 uploads so far;

Malta (1 May - 31 July) — 212 uploads so far;

Serbia (15 May - 9 July) — 1 641 uploads so far.

And some countries that are starting from July:

Albania (1 July - 31 July);

Ukraine (1 July - 31 July);

Uzbekistan (15 May - 15 June).

This year the international organizing team of Wiki Loves Earth and CEE Hub started cooperation for the project’s development and informational support. In April we conducted a Learning Clinic from CEE Hub for local teams.

Similarly to the previous year, participants can upload their images for two categories: landscapes and macro\close-up.

The contest also has a special nomination “Human Rights and Environment”, which supports the initiative WikiForHumanRights which partners with the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Its goal is to raise awareness of nature protection and human impacts on nature. Everyone in the world is invited to spread awareness about environmental problems and upload their unique photos!

The final results of the Wiki Loves Earth 2023 (top-20 best images rated by the jury team) are expected to be published by the end of autumn. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you can check the previous year’s winning photos.

Read and get to know more about the contest on our website👉https://wikilovesearth.org/.

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