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Esperanto report: Wiki Loves Zamenhof/Esperanto objects for the first time[edit]

By KuboF Hromoslav
"Green" monuments on the spot!

There are some projects that just need some time to mature and be exeCuted... That was the situation of Wiki Loves ZEOs (Zamenhof/Esperanto objects) - our very first photo competition, just done several weeks ago!

During more than 1 century of its existence, Esperanto caught attention of many pioneers, idealists and visionaries, who hoped for better world, where every single human being can freely communicate with all the other people. That attention in many cases manifested in touchable artifacts spread all over the Earth and beyond, usually by name clearly showing their affiliation to the Esperanto idea or its initiator, Dr. Zamenhof (so the name ZEO, or Zamenhof/Esperanto objects).

ZEOs was in our spotlight virtually from creation of our group. But it was waiting until our activist Sahaquiel9102 took the wheel. The initial ideal to include ZEOs into Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 was rejected by the international team, because ZEOs are not necessary monuments per se. So, under Sahaquiel9102's leading, we organised our own competition in 2018 - Wiki Loves ZEOs 2018!

Thanks to a grant from WMF and additional support by the World Esperanto Association we could provide nice prizes to the winners in several categories. Beside the best photo ever, we had a category for by-gone ZEO, non-listed ZEO, user with photos most used in articles and finally, People's Choice Award measured by reactions on Facebook. Additionally, World Esperanto Association provided discount to its book service for 5 best photos on every continent.

At the end, our CEE region just rocked the competition! From the CEE are the 5 best photos, 18 out of 29 best photos and the photos with the most Facebook engagement! What the world would done without us?!