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Regional report[edit]

CEE Meeting 2018 was cool =)[edit]

By ViraMotorko
CEE Meeting 2018 Group photo

CEE region has this amazing tradition to gather once a year and share everyone's experiences, and learn from each other. This year, Wikimedia Ukraine was proud to host this gathering of great wiki-minds in Lviv. Organising team was devoted to providing the best conditions for the fruitful work. If they overreacted to the task, please, forgive them: capacity building was at stake!

Statistics time: Out of 127 participants 50% attended a CEE Meeting for the first time and for 30% it was their first international event ever. Wikimedia experience of participants varied from <1 year to 17 years. Gender ratio was as follows: 38% women, 62% men. Several approved attendees, including two speakers, were not able to come in the end. Nevertheless, the representation of the communities at CEE Meeting 2018 was at a relatively high level.

Everyone is encouraged to explore the conference program (it has links to etherpads for the sessions, where you can find participants' notes) and Commons category with presentations. Also, don't be shy to check who exactly attended and ask these people questions! Sharing is caring, isn't it?

More photos and other materials can be found on Wikimedia Commons in Category:Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018.

Wiki4MediaFreedom contest - II edition[edit]

By Niccolò "Jaqen" Caranti

Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa has launched the II edition of the Wiki4MediaFreedom contest! You have until 30 November to participate!

Within the contest you can create e new Wikipedia articles or updated or improve existing one. You can translate existing articles or write original ones. Target languages includes several ones of Central and Eastern Europe: Albanian, German, Serbian, Croatian, and Serbo-Croatian, plus English, Italian, and Spanish. Articles must fit into the media freedom topic. You can choose from an existing list (focused on access to public information and assassinated journalists) or you can propose new articles in the talk page.

Articles will be evaluated by a jury based on quality, quantity and sources added. Winners will be awarded online gift vouchers with values ranging from EUR 50.00 to EUR 20.00. The I edition of the contest was held from May to July 2018. Italian wikipedian Kaspo won the first prize with the article "Libertà dei media in Russia" (Media freedom in Russia) on Italian Wikipedia. More information in the Meta page.