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Andrey Romashkin defended in court name of «Toorama» ensemble founded by his father.[edit]

By Vaija

Translated from the Russian Wikinews article Андрей Ромашкин отстоял в суде название основанного отцом ансамбля «Торама»; also see Erzya version

Folk group «Toorama». On the photo: Gennady Egorkin, Alexander Uchevatkin, Vitaly Prokin, Andrei Romashkin, Andrey Kuznetsov.

«Toorama» folk band named after Vladimir Romashkin and its head – Andrey Romashkin defended the right to use legendary «Toorama» brand in court. Lawyer – Alexandra Medvedeva. «Toorama» band is known in Russia and abroad. It was founded in nineties by the famous specialist in folklore and musician - Vladimir Romashkin. Band’s activity was in the field of folklore collecting and had the purpose to revive singing and playing traditions of Erzya and Moksha.

After Vladimir Romashkin’s death his son – Andrey Romashkin - has been continuing father’s work.

In 2012 Government of Mordovian Republic has founded State autonomous institution «Toorama» Folk group» under the direction of Andrey Nikolaev. He was unknown among musicians before. By the way, his musical activity broke traditions established by Vladimir Romashkin. They performed musical compositions in a modern style.

The main purpose of the group is promoting an unique song culture of Erzya and Moksha.

«Toorama»’s transformation into a cover band prompted the members of the ensemble to write a letter to the Culture Ministry of Mordovian Republic. This letter had no influence. So the main part of the folk band with Andrey Romashkin as a head continued its activity without connection with the Ministry of Culture of Mordovian Republic in 2017. Lately Participants of the folk band came to a decision to got the name of its founder - Vladimir Romashkin. Thus folk band got the name «TOORAMA Folk assemble named after Romashkin» in 2017.

In 2018 a certain ООО «Everest» declared its right for the «Toorama» brand to Andrey Romashkin. Actually it meant, that band had no possibility to perform as Toorama any more.

«We appealed to the court for intellectual rights to terminate the legal protection of Toorama trademark. OOO Everest from Nefteyugansk city was a real owner of the trademark since 2007».

OOO Everest declared that its right for mentioned trademark was transferred to Torama music band from Mordovia. But it was not the legendary «Toorama» founded by Vladimir Romashkin.

Intellectual property court confirmed the right of «TOORAMA Folk assemble named after Romashkin» to continue its activity under the original name on 3rd of September, 2019.

«Koy» («Tradition») - the 3rd wood carvers' fest[edit]

By Vaija

Translated from the Russian Wikinews article III-ий региональный фестиваль резчиков по дереву «Кой» собрал финно-угров; also see Erzya version

There is the third time «Koy» («Tradition») woodcarvers’ fest was held on the 3-7th of September, 2019 in Podlesnaya Tavla village (Mordovia Republic). There are a lot of guests from different regions were invited. Woodcarvers came from Udmurtia, Mari El, Chuvashia, Mordovia Republics, from Moscow, Penza, Ulyanovsk cities.

«Koy» («Tradition») - the 3rd wood carvers' fest Podlesnaya Tavla. «Ethno house» named after V.I. Romashkin , 3-7 September 2019.

Hardworking woodcarvers made within several days different wood monuments. Most of them were interested in folk style. «Val» («Word») youth literature club members met woodcarvers and read them poems and sang songs. Wood carvers also shown their abilities to sing songs.

All wood monuments were devoted to «Toorama calls» - Erzya acient song fest. The 6th ancient song fest will be held in the same place, next to Ethno-house. Each participant was marked with a gift.

There were a lot of guests and folk bands from neighboring regions. The fest was also remarkable by national costumes, good mood and old traditions. «Toorama’s next call will be in 2 years», - says Kalaganon Keryaz, the head of Ethno-house. «It will open its doors widely for good people».