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The Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest is the most significant event on the calendar for scholars and policy advocates working on intellectual property from a public interest perspective. The Global Congress supports the formation of strong networks and the dissemination of research and strategies among academics and practitioners, with the aim of empowering them to respond to law reform and enforcement proposals that threaten access and innovation, and to put forward a positive agenda for policy reform. The event would be the largest convening of public interest-oriented intellectual property practitioners ever held in Asia, and would help link in the world's most populous region to these global debates around how intellectual property policy can best serve the public interest.

The theme for the 2015 Congress is "Three Decades of Openness; Two Decades of TRIPS". The theme juxtaposes the beginnings of an aspect of a culture of Openness with that of the establishment of minimum standards of intellectual property protection and the carving of limitations and exceptions within these standards. Given the centrality of openness to this edition of the Global Congress, we are soliciting the participation of Wikimedians at the event. Our hope is that the discussions surrounding policy issues can be enriched by the perspectives of the Wikimedians, who operationalize the ideals of open knowledge espoused by the Global Congress.

The last date of application is over. Please do not apply anymore. Thank you.

Venue and date[edit]

Venue: National Law University, Delhi, India, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110078 (Phone: +91-11-2803-4257)
Date: December 15-17, 2015


The 2015 Congress seeks to produce three outcomes – first, the mobilization of existing scholarly research directly into the hands of civil society advocates, business leaders and policy makers, leading to evidence-based policies and practices; second, the collaborative identification of urgent, global and local research priorities and generation of a joint research/advocacy agenda; and third, the solidification of an inter-disciplinary, cross-sector and global networked community of experts and practitioners focused on public interest aspects of IP policy and practice.

Alongside focused keynote speakers and plenary sessions, the 2015 Global Congress will carry out discussions through four parallel “tracks”, in the fields of “Openness”, “Access to Medicines”, “User Rights”, and “IP & Development”. There will also be cross-track sessions to accommodate discussions falling within more than one track. Of the four tracks, we believe that the ‘Openness’ and ‘Users’ Rights’ tracks would be of particular significance to the Indian Wikimedian community, and we solicit your participation in these tracks at the Global Congress. The Openness Track at the fourth Global Congress on Intellectual Property and Public Interest 2015 encompasses sessions across the arc of the domain of openness – Open Access, Open Educational Resources, Open Data, open innovation, Free and open source software, open knowledge, open government, open science, and so on. Openness emerged as a response to the limitations of the global intellectual property system. Through the lens of the TRIPS agreement, the track will examine the ways and outcomes of strengthening norm-making, how openness and policy have shaped each other, openness as an alternative as well as a complement to existing intellectual property structures, and what the future may hold for the larger global openness movement. The track aims to address, among other things, international norm generation and the role that openness plays in fostering an alternative imagination of knowledge and culture, one which starts from the perspective of access rather than that of ownership and control; the overlap between open licensing and copyright reform; and potential areas of intellectual property where the role of openness could be widened using lessons from past successes. The Users' Rights track will focus on how law and policy can play a key role in breaking down barriers to full participation in the digital economy through expansions of user rights — the rights of users to access, use and transform digital content to further social, economic, cultural and political purposes. Users' rights can be found in diverse fields of law, including in human rights (e.g. the right to freedom of expression and opinion, the right to participate in cultural heritage, the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress, the right to privacy, the right to health), in limitations and exceptions and enforcement policies in intellectual property laws, in net neutrality and other communication industry regulation, in consumer and competition protection, in privacy rights — including those related to the capturing of user data, in contracts and terms of service, and through other laws that protect the rights of users of the digital economy and the content shared through it.

Wikipedia edit-a-thon[edit]

Given that the majority of participants at the Global Congress will comprise academics and policy experts, we would also like to explore the possibility of an edit-a-thon led by the Wikimedians to enable the other participants to contribute to the wealth of information on Wikipedia with their subject matter expertise.

Code of conduct[edit]

The Global Congress is a safe, inclusive space for persons of all genders and, to this end, we require all participants to follow our Code of Conduct.


Call for participation[edit]

We invite Indian and more specifically Indian language Wikimedians to apply for this event. The selection of the applicants will be based on the overall contribution to the Wikimedia and policy level contribution of the applicant. Five participants from CIS-A2K's focus language Wikimedia communities; Marathi, Kannada, Konkani, Odia and Telugu, one from the English Wikipedia community, and the remaining four from the other Indian language Wikimedia communities will be selected to attend this event. We encourage Wikimedians to self nominate and spread the word among your fellow Wikimedians to endorse you. Please follow the format below to self-nominate/nominate others. Please provide link where needed for more clarification.


The last date of application is over. Please do not apply anymore. Thank you.
=== [[Username:USERNAME|NAME]] ===
; Home wiki (Marathi Wikipedia, Marathi Wikisource)

; Contribution to Wikimedia movement:
; Contribution to policy level discourse/work:

Add your nomination/nominate a fellow Wikimedian


Home wiki
  • English Wikipedia
Contribution to Wikimedia movement
Contribution to policy level discourse/work
Free Software Movement
  • Have handled various technologies for general public and students including
  • Part of the larger team which was instrumental in setting up GNU/Linux user group in St.Joseph's Institute of Technology
  • Member of CEGLUG - CEG GNU/Linux users group - The team which spearheaded Free Software movement inside the campus by conducting various installation fests and Software Freedom Day Celebrations.
Participation of Women in Technology
Community Contribution


This is to let others know that the above candidate has removed my nomination while they added their own. I will assume good faith here but given that the circumstances, my nomination was at the end of this page while this seems to be at the top, the removal was quite illogical, yet, I think, it maybe a edit conflit. Anyhow, I just thought, it is better to mention it here since I'm going to re-add my nomination statement below. Best wishes, Jim Carter (talk) 13:59, 29 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you Jim Carter, for assuming good faith in the issue. I am afraid it was, in fact, an edit conflict. Nevertheless, my apologies for any inconvenience caused. Regards, Srravya 21:59, 30 October 2015(IST)


Home wiki
  • Tamil Wikipedia
    • Contributions in Edit Counts : Tamil Wikipedia
    • Contribution via Translation of "English" representational svg images to Tamil Images : On Wiki Commons
Contribution to Wikimedia movement
  • General editing as well as contributions to commons as mentioned above .
  • In addition to that have been given the access of சுற்றுக்காவல் அல்லது சுற்றுக்காவலர் (Patrol or Patroller) in Tamil Wikipedia .
  • Have been active in the Village Pump discussions in Tamil Wikipedia
  • Worked on Lilavathi's Daughter initative in Tamil Wikipedia .
  • Started the Feminism portal in Tamil Wikipedia and working on it .
Contribution to policy level discourse/work
Dual Boot Operating System
  • Part of the team which enabled GNU/Linux Distro to be in the Free Laptops Distributed by Tamil Nadu Government
IT act - 66A
Net Neutrality
  • Policy level discourse :
Engagements with Tamil Virtual Academy
  • While a detailed account can be found here , the abridged version is provided below .

The collation of ideas and the final presentation which I gave for TVA community discussion is present here .The outcomes of the event are present here . In specific the outreach plan can be found here .Subsequent to these discussions and inputs from various fora , the government in its 2015-16 IT policy explanation , has stated that//படைப்பாக்க பொதும உரிமங்கள் தமிழ் இணைய கல்விக்கழகத்தால் உருவாக்கப்பட்ட மற்றும் அதன் மூலம் வெளியிடப்பட்ட படைப்பாக்கம், கல்வி மற்றும் அறிவியல் உள்ளடக்கங்கள், பல்வேறு மென்பொருட்கள் மற்றும் அவற்றின் வழிமுறைகள் அனைவருக்கும் தடையின்றிச் சென்று சேரும் விதமாக, அவையனைத்தும் படைப்பாக்க பொதும உரிமங்களின் கீழ் வெளியிட உரிய நடவடிக்கைகள் மேற்கொள்ளப்படும்.//

i.e the softwares created by Tamil Virtual Academy , would be released under suitable Commons License .Though myself / FSFTN cannot claim entire success for the same , we have played our bit in it .

Free Software Movement

user: Nrgullapalli[edit]

  • Telugu wikipedia

user: Nrgullapalli--Nrgullapalli (talk) 12:33, 18 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]

Nisar Ahmed Syed[edit]

Home wiki
  • Telugu & Urdu Wikipedia (Ahmadnisar account on Urdu Wikipedia)
Contribution to Wikimedia movement
  • Editing for the past 9 years
  • Conducted Wiki meet ups
  • Participated several community consultations
  • Participated Wikimania 2015 at Mexico city
Contribution to policy level discourse/work
  • Contributed to four languages viz Urdu, Telugu, Hindi and English
  • Contributed images and photos on different different topics particularly on biographies and Bibliographies.
  • Preparing to work on the projects where the digitization of the books, documents, drafts and images has to be done. It is essential to go on seriously about the intellectual properties, copy rights and the related issues akin.


  • Predominantly Malayalam Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons.
  • Contributing since 2004; Also sysops ml.wp, ml.wikt. Co-ordinates online and off-line editathons and outreach programs, evangelizes and mentors.
  • Also accomplished resource person to the 'Train the trainers' programs, hackathons and Workshops.
  • Involved in policy, program planning and growth strategy designs particularly in Malayalam projects.
  • Intensively engaged in harvesting and releasing valuable GLAM material into public domain.
  • Well versed with localization technology, tools and their limitations in the Indian context.
  • Consultancy and coordination in issues involving intellectual copy rights, licenses, OTRS and viable modes of resource publications
  • Expert in image digitization, post-processing and format conversions.
  • Pan projects edit count
  • General awareness on the scenario of IP and Public Interest at a pan-India and global level thanks to prior exposure through Wikimedia India Chapter.

Sudhanwa Jogalekar[edit]

Home wiki (Marathi Wikipedia, Marathi Wikisource)
Contribution to Wikimedia movement, Contribution to policy level discourse/work
  • Active Wikipedian doing real world activities like conducting seminars, workshops,academies etc.
  • Was member of Wikimedia India Chapter for 2 years. Was President for a year following the founder President.
  • Was member of GAC.
  • Participated in India Consulting Program organised by WMF in Banglore in 2014.
  • Long time FOSS evangelist. Working for FOSS since 1999. Conducted numerous trainings, conferences, seminars, workshops etc.
  • Active member for Marathi translations/localisation for FUEL project.
  • Released Marathi/English font "Aksharyogini" under Open Font License. It is part of many Linux distributions.

Manavpreet Kaur[edit]

Home wiki (Punjabi Wikipedia)
Contribution to Wikimedia movement
  • Editor on Punjabi Wikipedia for an year.
  • Participated in 100wikidays challenge and created 100 articles. All the 100 articles were related to Forensic Science.
  • Uploaded some photographs to Wikimedia Commons.
Contribution to policy level discourse/work
  • (None)
  1. --Satdeep Gill (talk) 08:26, 24 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]
  2. --Babanwalia (talk) 08:55, 24 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]
Nominated by --Satdeep Gill (talk) 08:15, 24 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]

Sailesh Patnaik[edit]

Home wiki (Odia Wikipedia, Odia Wikisource)
Contribution to Wikimedia movement
  • Has major contribution in offline activities; in organizing Odia Wikipedia conference 2013 & 2015 , Odia Wikisource

Conference 2014 & 2015.

  • Coordinating with CIS-A2K for the growth and improvement of Odia

language Wikipedia since, 2013.

  • Got award for overall contribution in the Wikimedia projects by Odia Wiki

community in 2015.

  • Member of Wikimedia India Chapter.
  • Active in outreaches, organizing Workshops and spreading Wikimedia

Movements in Seminars.

  • Co-organised Wiki Loves Food contest and was in the filtering team of the


  • In the organizing team of Wiki Conference India 2016.
Contribution to policy level discourse/work
  • Active in outreaches, organizing Workshops and spreading Wikimedia

Movements in Seminars.

  • Partnered (unofficially) with Google Developer Groups Bhubaneswar to promote Odia Wikipedia in all of it's seminars.
  • Planning with OTARTCO to bring Wikimedia and FOSS revolution in Odisha.

Vishwanatha Badikana[edit]

Home wiki
Contribution to Wikimedia movement
  • Editor onTulu wikipedia for an year : [[2]]
  • : [3]
  • Uploaded 220 photographs to Wikimedia Commons : [[4]]
  • Created 100 more articles in Kannada wikipedia and Tulu wikipedia.
Contribution to policy level discourse/work
  • Active in organizing Workshops and spreading Wikimedia Movements in Seminars.
  • Active member for tulu translations
  1. Prof Vishwanatha Badikana is an active contributor for both Kannada and Tulu Wikipedias. He is anchoring the Wikipedia in Education Program at St Aloysius College, Mangaluru, where he is working as assistant professor in the Kannada department. He has presented about this program in a national seminar also. I fully endorse him.--Pavanaja (talk) 04:52, 27 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]
  2. Ananth subray (talk) 04:53, 27 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]
  3. I endorse Prof Vishwanatha Badikana. Vidyu44 (talk) 15:01, 30 October 2015 (UTC).[reply]
  4. I endorse Prof Vishwanatha Badikana.User:Nithinhegde.mb
  5. I endorse Prof Vishwanatha Badikana.Anithacav (talk) 15:33, 4 November 2015 (UTC).[reply]
  6. Prof Vishwanatha Badikana has very god leadership qualities. And he is active contributor for Kannada and Tulu Wikipedia. I fully support him. Gopala Krishna A (talk) 09:21, 5 November 2015 (UTC)[reply]

Pankaj Mala Sarangi[edit]

Home wiki (Odia Wikipedia,Odia Wikisource)
  • Contributing to Odia Wikisource
  • Editor in Odia Wikipedia
  • Participated in Odia wiki workshops

Pmsarangi (talk) 06:25, 27 October 2015 (UTC)[reply]

Santoshi Tiwari[edit]

संतोषी तिवारी

Member of Wikimedia India - INDI 654

-Contributing to Hindi and Marathi wikipedia.

̇-Conducted Editathon project and team lead(with 20 members) for Nashik wikipedia page.

-Along with creating a better Nashik's page in English language, conducted editathon for city's page in Hindi and Marathi(Nashik's Local language) language as well.

-Added more photos of Nashik under the community campaign "Wiki loves Nasik".

-Active in organizing Workshops and spreading Wikimedia Movements in Seminars.

-Conducted Wikipedia awareness activities at different schools and colleges in Nashik.

-Founder of "Wikipedia Club Nashik"- where my aim is to involve people to contribute to different articles, create awareness and increase participation of community.

-Recently proposed a Nashik's Bid for WikiConference India 2016

SantoshiWiki (talk) 18:31, 27 October 2015 (UTC)SantoshiWiki[reply]

  1. --vinitagangurde (talk)

Meena gayathri & Pavan santhosh[edit]

Home wiki (Telugu wikipedia)
Contributions to Wikimedia movement
  • Both are Very active contributors in telugu wiki projects & Pavan is sysop in telugu wikipedia.
  • Both Worked on wikiproject making telugu content accessible, cataloged more than DLI books by opening every book.
  • Pavan created & anchored successfully on wikiprojects related to telugu literature & making telugu content accessible.
Contribution to policy level discourse/work
  • Both worked in designing and organizing of recording and releasing of carnatic music renderings in free licenses by collaboration with Tyagaraja ganasabha.
  • Both organized "Ayyanki venkata ramanayya memorial digital library awareness program", "wikipedia edit-a-thon",
  • Pavan presented a paper on "Making dli accessible" in Free software conference, Swatantra-2014.
  • Both contributed to support net neutrality by signing online petitions & working in social network campaigning.
About applying in both
  • Wanted to present a paper on "Releasing Classical music renderings in Free licenses".


  1. they are active wikipedians in telugu wikipedia. i endorse Meena gayathri--K.Venkataramana (talk) 16:45, 11 November 2015 (UTC)[reply]

Jim Carter[edit]

Home wiki (English Wikipedia)
Contribution to Wikimedia movement
Contribution to policy level discourse/work
  • Participated in multiple workshops in many different parts of the country.
  • A part of Bengali Wikimedia Community.
  • A creator of open source javascript progammes on English Wikipedia.
  • Planning with CIS itself for organizing A2K related events in Kolkata.

Mrutyunjaya Kar[edit]

  1. I endorse Mrutyunjaya Kar from Odia Wiki community as he is the most active and deserving Wikimedian at Odia Wikimedia projects. -- ɑηsuмaη «Talk» 16:02, 9 November 2015 (UTC)[reply]