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CIS-A2K/Events/Copyright workshop: South India

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Copyright workshop: South India 2018

A workshop on Copyright and free licenses will be conducted on 19 evening-21 October 2018 at Bangalore (or slightly around). Wikimedians from South Indian states of (who are currently staying in) Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana can participate in the workshop. User:Yann will be the primary trainer of the workshop.

Please fill the form if you are interested.

Event details[edit]

  • Date: 20 October – 21 October 2018 (pre-event session 19 October afternoon/early evening, participants have to attend the session, so the participants have to reach the venue on 19 morning/before afternoon)
  • Place: Bangalore (or slightly around)
  • Venue: Hotel Bhagini: Domlur (see on Google Maps)

Please call Tito Dutta for any assistance



Although this is not the final schedule, we expect these topics to be discussed.

  • Different Creative Commons licenses (CC licences) and terminologies such as CC, SA, BY, ND, NC, 2.0, 3.0
  • Public domain in general and Public domain in India
  • Copyright of photos of different things such as painting, sculpture, monument, coins, banknotes, book covers, etc.
  • Freedom of Panorama
  • Personality rights
  • Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA, specially impact on Indian works)
  • Government Open Data License India (GODL)
  • A few Wikimedia Commons tools
  • topic may be added based on needs-assessment of the participants


19 October 2018

  • 5 pm–7 pm: Introduction to the event, icebreaker, general talk of copyright

20 October 2018

  • 10am−11:00 am: Master class 1: understanding copyright, copyleft, all rights reserved, and different type of Creative Commons licenses, ND, NC, etc.
  • 11:00 am−11:20 am: Tea break
  • 11:20 am−11:40 am: Master class 1: understanding freedom of panorama and derivative works
  • 11:40 am−12:40pm: Group activity 1: Select images from Flickr to upload to Commons, based on session Master class 1
  • 12:40 pm–1:30 am: Master class 2: (tour to) Wikimedia Commons Help Desk, Village pump, deletion process, de minimis
  • 1:30 pm–2:10 pm: Lunch break
  • 2:10 pm–2:50 pm: Group activity 2: based on Master class 2, and learning from Master Class 1. More specific examples
  • 2:50 pm–3:20 pm: Master class 3: Selected 5 important Wikimedia Commons tools and gadgets (Video2Commons, CropTool, Geolocator, tagging gadgets, Cat-a-log)
  • 3:20 pm–3:50 pm: Group activity 3: Hands on activity based on Master Class 3
  • 3:50 pm–4:10 pm: Tea break
  • 4:10 pm–4:40 pm: Master class 4: Understanding URAA, and specially impact on Indian works, Valued images, Quality images, Featured images
  • 4:40 pm–5:10 pm: Group activity 4: Activity based on Master Class 4

The day officially ends here

Optional session

  • 6 pm–7:30 pm: Advanced questions and answers with Yann, this is optional. If you want to learn more about advanced or specific topics, those can be answered. Please keep your questions ready. These will be 1-to-1 discussion mostly
  • 8 pm: dinner

21 October 2018

  • 10am-10:30 am: Maste clas 4: GODL
  • 10:30 am- 11:20 am: Group activity 4: based on Master class 4
  • 11:20 am- 11:40 am: Tea break
  • 11:40 am-12:10 pm: Master Class 3B: 5 or more Wikimedia Commons tools, gadgets
  • 12:10 pm-1:00pm: Group activity based on Master Class 3B

Who can join?[edit]

  • Wikimedian who is currently residing in any of these states: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana with
  • actively involved and recently active on Wikimedia projects (especially Wikimedia Commons)
  • at least 20 uploads on Wikimedia Commons till 1 September 2018
  • as a measure to bridge the gender gap, female Wikimedians are encouraged to apply
  • Note: Partial participation (eg, can not attend fully, but attend most/some of the workshop) is not allowed


If you are interested to join in the workshop as a participant, please fill this form. The last date for submitting the form is 2 October 2018.

  • Form open till 2 October Done
  • Announce and inform selected participants Done, selected participants have been informed. Waiting to see how many of the confirm their participation
  • Logistics: Information collection process started


  • Is it a residential training?
  • Yes, it is.
  • Are you going to support my travel and accommodation during the workshop?
  • Yes.
  • Can I bring my friend/brother(...) in the workshop?
  • Kindly no, not during the workshop
  • Why can't I attend the workshop, if I am not from the mentioned South Indian states?
  • Apologies, this is a zonal workshop. If you want to have a similar workshop in your zone, please let us know. You may email tito(_AT_)cis-india.org
  • Will there by any photowalk?
  • We are thinking to include one, but nothing has been finalised yet. We hope to announce it by 12 October or so while announcing a rough schedule of the workshop.


  1. Ranjithsiji
  2. Vineeth Vengolis
  3. Nandhini Kandhasamy
  4. Parvathisri
  5. Gullapalli Nageswara Rao
  6. Loga nathan (Info-farmer)
  7. Sujatha.t
  8. Sri Rama Murthy
  9. Saumyaa Naidu
  10. Acagastya
  11. Viswanathan Prabhakaran
  12. Lokesha kunchadka
  13. Bharathesha Alasandemajalu
  14. Rajasekhar
  15. Pavan Santhosh
  16. Ananth Subray
  17. Subodh Kulkarni

Team Members[edit]

  1. Titto Dutta
  2. Tanveer
  3. Gopala


  1. Rajesh Odayanchal
  2. Mallikarjuna
  3. Karthikeyan



Day 0[edit]

Day 0 began with an introduction round. During the introduction round, the participants briefly shared about them and their wiki-activities. Participants shared interesting fact about one another as an icebreaking activity. Master trainer Yann started event with "Lightning talk About Copyright" and explained about What is copyrights? what kind of works get copyrights? and what kind of works can't get copyrights?.

Day 1[edit]

Day 1 started with what is free licenses? and trainer explained several aspects like CC-0, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, GPL, GFDL with examples. Copyrights of derivative works was also discussed. A session was dedicated to OTRS process where OTRS ticket related templates, tools, and policies were explained. Various license templates and important pages were listed for translation into Indian languages. Yann explained Freedom of Panorama to reply some of the questions from participants.

Hands on session was conducted on translation of important templates in local languages and checking 10 files on Commons for Description, Source, Categories, License and other details. Exercise session on tools for uploading Online Videos in free license or public domain on Commons was conducted. Participants used tool video2commons for uploading some videos. Other tools like Crop tool, Cat-a-lot, VisualFileChange were also discussed. Yann discussed URAA restoring and GODL India license policies. A small session on process of deletion, undeletion and OTRS volunteers structure was conducted to conclude first day.

Day 2[edit]

The second day began with session on Copyrights and licenses of pictures from other sources like Flickr, Instagram, Pixabay, Bollywood Hungama, Newspaperarchive, NASA, Government websites etc. Hands on session conducted to find out eligible pictures and upload on Commons.

The last session was dedicated to Books on Commons. The session started with discussion on issue of nationalization of books by Tamil Nadu state government and related procedures on Commons. Tamil wikimedians explained the licensing procedures and problems being faced by community on Commons. Telugu wikimedians are working to streamline the process by creating database of authors’ death year in Wikisource. Useful online resources for authors/books database - Worldcat, Koha & Bibliowiki were also demonstrated. Specific issues like cover of the book, images inside the book were discussed in details. Yann stressed on importance of creating Wikidata items for files and categories in Commons with examples.

In the concluding session, Yann responded to questions about Copyrights crowd sourced from participants and non-participants.