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FII Wiki Project, in conjunction with CIS-A2K, conducted an edit-a-thon to create, improve and edit articles related to Indian women bureaucrats on 28 October, 2017. This edit-a-thon was aimed at bridging the gender gap in terms of the content on Wikipedia where we traditionally find articles related to male bureaucrats being more easily available than female ones.

Background and Objective[edit]

Participants at the edit-a-thon

Feminism in India collaborated with The Centre for Internet and Society and co-hosted one on Indian Women Bureaucrats at CIS’s Delhi office. The edit-a-thon was aimed at creating/editing Wikipedia pages of Indian women bureaucrats who lack representation on the platform currently.

  • CIS-A2K has been working with Indic Wikimedia communities to improve Wikimedia projects and makes an effort to bridge the gender gap on Indic Wikimedia projects as part of their work.
  • Feminism in India organizes monthly Wikipedia edit-a-thons with different organizations to explore various aspects of gender in India. This initiative increases content related to women and marginalized communities on Wikipedia, while also providing training to women for creating and editing Wikipedia pages, thereby boosting the number of women editors.


A2K team curated a list of women bureaucrats, some lacking Wikipedia pages, a week prior. Four participants engaged in the Edit-a-thon, which began with an overview of Wikipedia and its gender gap. Each participant chose an Indian woman bureaucrat without a Wikipedia presence, conducting research for comprehensive articles. Ultimately, eight English Wikipedia pages were edited.

  1. Anna Rajam George: Japleen
  2. K. Prithika Yashini: Japleen
  3. Ira Singhal: Tanya Kapoor
  4. Supriya Sahu: Tanya Kapoor
  5. Isha Basant Joshi: Tanisha Kapoor
  6. Sivakami P: Tanisha Kapoor
  7. Kanchan Choudhary Bhattacharya: Shinjinee
  8. Shakuntala Gamlin: Shinjinee

More information can be read at CIS-A2K's October 2017 Newsletter