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CIS-A2K/Events/Indic Community Monthly Engagement Calls

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A2K's Indic Community Monthly Engagement Calls are monthly calls that attempt to improve collaboration in Indic language Wikimedia communities. These calls aim to provide a platform for Indic-language Wikimedians to connect with Wikimedians who are involved in building or working on various initiatives.



In the Wikimedia movement, a wide range of editing activities, initiatives, campaigns, projects, and learning activities are constantly taking place. However, it is possible for us to miss out on some of these activities or projects simply because we are unaware that they are happening. To address this issue, A2K is taking the initiative to organize A2K's India Community Monthly Engagement Calls. The primary goal is to foster collaboration and enhance cooperation.


  • We are trying to organise some systematic discussions where Indian Wikimedians can be up to date with the current agendas.
  • To make collaboration happens within the Wikimedia community and enhance cooperation.
  • To give a healthy space to Indian Wikimedians where they can communicate confidentially and raise the common agenda which will be relevant for other Indic communities as well.
  • Focus on gathering through the online stage.



We are glad to have amazing contributors, however, we want to invite you to communicate, conversate with others and bring new energy and ideas to the Wikimedia community. A2K is expecting very little from the Wikimedians which is to attend the calls, contribute during the call according to your comfort level and make the calls flourishing.

For participants


We are observing through these calls community members or participants can get:

  • General open knowledge, and updates on projects of/about/around Wikimedia
  • Opportunity to express or provide feedback about the session you want for yourself and others.
  • Share your skills or experiences with others.
  • Meet fellow Wikimedians and find the possibility of a new collaboration.
  • Get new ideas from the talks and sessions.


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