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CIS-A2K/Events/Lingua Libre workshop for Marathi community

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CIS-A2K started working with Marathi community members on Lingua Libre (LL) project from November 2020. Several community members from various places have attended first introductory session on 23 January. This training workshop on Lingua Libre project was organised on 29 January 2021, in which 25 members participated. A prolific speaker from India on Lingua Libre, Tito Dutta also imparted training in the workshop.
In this workshop, the importance of LL project, the process of creating local lists, selection of Wikimedia lists and actual process of recording & uploading were demonstrated. The hands-on activity was done to clarify the doubts and trouble shooting. Expert Wikimedian Tito Dutta explained the planning process for the group, how to develop the lists, the integration with Wikidata Lexeme project and application of LL content in other free knowledge projects.
The members have started developing the lists according to their interests like cuisines in India, articles & tools in daily usage, festivals in India, Marathi alphabets, verbs and their forms etc. The uploading has also started in the category - Lingua Libre pronunciation-mar


  1. विदुला टोकेकर
  2. तृप्ती कुलकर्णी
  3. Bakuli63
  4. Anagha62
  5. अपर्णा संदीप गोंधळेकर
  6. नीलिमा रास्ते
  7. सुनिती पारुंडेकर
  8. विशाखा वेलणकर
  9. SangeetaRH
  10. Dipali S Shende
  11. Snehal durgule - kadam
  12. Truptideole
  13. सुनीता हेमंत
  14. Rashmisathe
  15. Sujataag
  16. विनया लुकतुके
  17. सौ.तिलोत्तमा प्रदीप पतकराव
  18. Jaymala shridhar kodhe
  19. वीणा केळकर
  20. रूपाली धर्माधिकारी
  21. नंदिनी रानडे
  22. रश्मीमहेश
  23. मंजुषा गोरे
  24. Jayashree hirve
  25. वि.बा. कुलकर्णी
  26. रोहिणीरेवती
  27. अरुणा केळकर.
  28. सुनिता गंभीर
  29. सुलभा सुरेंद्रनाथ मराठे
  30. अरुणा केळकर.
  31. गीता गोविंद नेने
  32. "smita phadnis"
  33. Surekha Abhay Limaye
  34. मंदाकिनी टेळकीकर
  35. Padmaja Limaye
  36. Rashmi roplekar
  37. Manjiri Chhapekar
  38. आरती दिवेकर
  39. JayashreeVI
  40. सुमित्रा कुलकर्णी
  41. Jayaphadnis