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As Train-the-Trainer event is a national event and participants from different communities have been selected on the basis of their contribution. One or two participants have been selected from each community. So, CIS-A2K conducted Mini Train-the-Trainer only for Punjabi Wikimedians User Group on 15-16 June 2019, at Sangrur to enhance skills of participants.

Event details[edit]

  • Dates: 15-16 June 2019
  • Venue: Hotel Remsons Crown, Dhuri patiala byepass, Haripura Rd, opp peer khana
  • City: Sangrur, Punjab, India
  • Location Map: Click here for the map
  • Etherpad: [1]
  • Status: Yes check.svg Done


  1. ‎Amreen Zafarpur
  2. Benipal hardarshan
  3. Satdeep Gill
  4. Charan Gill
  5. Rorki amandeep sandhu
  6. Satpal (CIS-A2K)
  7. ‎Nirmal Brar Faridkot
  8. Harkanwal Benipal
  9. Nishan Singh Virdi
  10. ‎Tamanpreet Kaur
  11. ‎Simranjeet Sidhu
  12. Armaan kakrala
  13. ‎Karamjit Singh Gathwala
  14. Manavpreet Kaur
  15. Gurtej Chauhan
  16. Ninder Brar Faridkot
  17. Rajwinder Singh (attended second day only)
  18. Labh Singh (came with Karamjit Gathwala)


Mini TTT Punjab 2019 is the first Mini TTT happened in Punjab. Some of Punjabi Wikimedians have attended Train the Trainer program before. But this event was organized to train new Wikimedians who are contributing very actively on Wikipedia and Wikisource. CIS-A2K organized and funded this event in collaboration with Punjabi Wikimedians User Group. The event was held on 15 June & 16 June 2019 at Sangrur.

Day 1[edit]

The first day of the event was started by welcome notes from Satpal (CIS-A2K). Satpal shared the motive and agenda of this event. He gave a brief introduction of Train the Trainer program and difference of TTT from MiniTTT.

As most of the participants were new to each other so the event started with an introduction of participants engaged in an interactive way. That was the idea of Satdeep Gill that It will help us to bring everyone close to each other by interaction. Every participant gave the introduction of the next one. Next session was given by Manavpreet Kaur about Friendly Space Policy and Code of Conduct. Manavpreet shared her experience and a very basic introduction of friendly space policy. After this session, the next session was about the basic introduction of Wikipedia by Charan Gill. As most of the participants were active on Wikisource so it was necessary to aware them about what is Wikipedia and who runs Wikipedia. So, this session was given by the experienced Punjabi Wikimedian Charan Gill. He added that "Wikimedia is a people's movement and no doubt it's a mass movement as well." He also told that we should take the English language Wikipedia as an example for our future progress. As the introduction was going on, Satdeep Gill added some comments. He introduced the recent updates feature that how we can see what is happening on English Wikipedia.

Day 2[edit]

The first session of the second day was started at 9:20 am on 16 June 2019. As Wikisource was discussed on the first day, so the second day was about other Wikimedia projects. Most of the participants were active on Wikisource so It was decided to teach them about Wikipedia. The Wikipedia session was started by Charan Gill. Charan Gill started this session with the brief history of Punjabi Wikipedia and the importance of contributing Wikipedia. He showed the structure of the Wikipedia article and defined one by one. For example the introduction section, infobox, the main matter about the subject or thing, references, external links, and category.
Next session was about editing Wikipedia. Tasks were assigned to the participants by organizers to edit Wikipedia. Participants choose one article and they read the article and they have picked some errors or grammatical mistakes from the article and fixed them. After that, they showed the error and their fix on the projector screen that what was missing or wrong in the article. During this activity, some discussions have happened and Karanjit Singh Gathwala added two things about the Punjabi language. For example, people don't accept ਕ਼ they only use in Gurmukhi script. He also added one thing or suggestion about Wikisource when he was checking one article about a Punjabi author that we have to add all the work of at least one author on Punjabi Wikisource. Next thing was added by Satdeep Gill that how to put an external link to an article. Some questions were asked by participants about the structure of the Wikipedia article. For example, Aman Sandhu asked what is the difference between See Also or External Links section.
Next two sessions were about the brief introduction of Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. Sessions were taken up by Satdeep Gill and Satpal. They have uploaded one photo on Wikimedia Commons on screen by showing the procedure to the participants. And they have created a new item on Wikidata. Wikidata session took more time then Wikimedia Commons session.
The last session of the second day was about MediaWiki by Rajwinder Singh. It was long session and Rajwinder Singh installed MediaWiki in very little time with more information on a laptop. This session was conducted to teach participants how we can explore the internet by own and how it is easier. Also, the second reason was that Rajwinder Singh recently attended MediaWiki Training in Bangalore so he shared his experience.
The new thing about this event was to assign tasks to the participants. Some of them have completed these tasks by going to their home. The tasks were:

  1. Proofread 1 page each on Wikisource
  2. Create a 1 page-list on Wikisource
  3. Add 1 link to a Wikipedia article
  4. Fix 1 spelling mistake on a Wikipedia article
  5. Add 1 reference to a Wikipedia article
  6. Add 1 category to a Wikipedia article
  7. Click a photo and add it to Wikimedia Commons
  8. Add 1 label or description on Wikidata
  9. Install MediaWiki, Xampp

(These tasks can be seen at Etherpad link)


Group photo - MiniTTT Punjab 2019 Women participants at MiniTTT Punjab 2019


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