CIS-A2K/Events/Online meeting on Marathi Lexeme Project

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The group of linguists, translators and active Wikimedians was mobilised for this introductory session on Wikidata Lexemes. The session was conducted on 26 August 2020 between 6 pm to 8 pm. Total 10 members participated.


CIS-A2K has been taking efforts to develop Marathi community to work on Wiktionary project in the last two years. While, few Wikimedians and linguistics has shown enthusiasm to work, the progress is slow. As the idea of 'Abstract Wikipedia' is taking shape, it was felt that the community members should be introduced to importance and process of building lexicographical data in Wikidata. The volunteers actively participated in the session. The technical expert User:Mahir256 guided the members with demonstrations and discussions on queries. The session was moderated by User:Bodhisattwa (CIS-A2K).