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CIS-A2K/Events/Relicensing of 10 books in Marathi

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Nagnath Nayakawadi popularly known as Nagnathnanna, was an Indian Freedom fighter, social reformer, politician and educationist from Walwa in Sangli district of Maharashtra. The Nayakawadi trust approached CIS-A2K to develop an archive on Wikimedia projects to make all the content related to Nagnathanna. This content consists of books about his life, photographs, handwritings, videos and speeches.
The introductory session on Wikimedia projects was organised for trustees, management and family members at the office of Hutatma Cooperative Sugar Factory, Walwa. The trust has created a website to disseminate the information. After understanding the potential of Wikimedia projects, the trustees have decided to relicense all the content into free license. First set of four books were relicensed, digitised and uploaded on Wikimedia Commons in category - Nagnath Naikwadi.

Prof. Anil Gore, a reputed statistician in India has relicensed two books on statistics and one book on evolution. As a copyright holder he relicensed 3 books on health authored by his father. The books were digitised by Vigyan Ashram and uploaded in two categories - Books by Anil Gore & Books by P. S. Gore.