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This year CIS-A2K has started an initiative or a program She Leads to offer assistance to Indian Wikimedians interested in participating in activities throughout the month of March. Within the Wikimedia community, March month is the one of the busiest month for Wikimedians to organize initiatives during this period. Historically, A2K has led numerous activities focused on enriching content related to women. In 2024, A2K is encouraging community members, especially female Wikimedians, to orchestrate activities tailored to their language communities.


The aim of this support initiative is to empower female Wikimedians and foster women's leadership within the Indian community. It's not just a one-time support, but rather an ongoing effort to offer a platform for them to design and implement activities aligned with their goals and aspirations. By encouraging their participation and providing resources, we aim to cultivate a more inclusive and diverse Wikimedia community.

Program period[edit]

  • Open: 1st March 2024
  • Close: 15 May 2024

Rules or Requirements[edit]

  • The proposal must be submitted in the template which you can find below.
  • The primary organizer of the activity must be a female Wikimedia member. If a male Wikimedia member wishes to lead an activity, there must be a female co-organizer involved and proposal must be submitted by the female Wikimedian only.
  • All activities should be conducted in collaboration with A2K.
  • If planning an in-person activity, it should be localized to the respective community or region.
  • Documentation of the activity is mandatory on Meta to disseminate information about community initiatives.

Support from CIS-A2K[edit]

A2K will support these activities in different manners;

  • A2K can assist in refining or developing the concept behind the activity.
  • A2K will assign a mentor to each proposed activity.
  • If there is a need for support or guidance in documentation, A2K will provide assistance in that regard as well.
  • A2K will offer financial support for these activities.


Please write your username below and click on "Start my proposal", it'll open a new subpage. Please answer all the questions in details.


Contact to[edit]

If you have any questions or need support, write to the "Discussion Page" or write to