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Basic Information[edit]

Name of the Event/Activity[edit]

  • خطّاطی

Reviving the Kalam: A Documentary on Calligraphy in Old Delhi

Type of Event/Activity[edit]

  • Documentary Film Production

Email address[edit]


Purpose of the Event/Activity[edit]

  • The purpose of this documentary is to shed light on the fading art of calligraphy in Delhi, focusing on the life and work of Mohammad Ghalib, the last known practitioner of this craft in Old Delhi’s Urdu bazaar.

Expected start date and end date of the Event/Activity[edit]

  • From 1 June 2023 to 10 June 2024

List of users who will be organising the Event/Activity[edit]

Partner Institution or Organisation (If Any, Optional)[edit]

  • None

Program and Metrics[edit]

Agenda/Program of the Event/Activity[edit]

  • Pre-production: Research, scriptwriting, and planning
  • Production: Filming on location in Old Delhi, interviews with Mohammad Ghalib, and capturing the essence of the bazaar
  • Post-production: Editing, sound mixing, and finalizing the documentary

Expected Matrix or Outcomes from the Event/Activity planned[edit]

  • A 30-minute documentary capturing the essence of calligraphy and its significance in Old Delhi
  • Upon completion, the documentary will be uploaded on Wikimedia Commons under a free license
  • Increased awareness about the dying art of calligraphy among the local and global community
  • Encouraging the younger generation to learn and preserve this traditional art form
  • Documentary will contribute to Wikimedia's mission by capturing narratives that might otherwise be lost, thereby enriching the global repository of free knowledge

Expected number of attendees[edit]

  • Video Editor
  • Photographer

Post Event/Activity Engagement[edit]

Follow-up engagement plan post the event/activity[edit]

  • Arrange for an exhibition of Mohammad Ghalib’s work
  • Distribute the documentary to various film festivals


  • Logistics : Rs 5,000
  • Video Editor : Rs 20,000
  • Renting Equipment : Rs 10,000
  • Compensation for the Calligrapher : Rs 5,000
  • Total : Rs 40,000