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CIS-A2K/Events/Tamil Wikipedia PT Editathons

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To spread the Wikimedia movement and encourage new participants for Project Tiger, We have organized multiple one day editathons across TamilNadu. Increase the number of participation from Tamil Wikipedia in Project Tiger contest is the main aim of these editathons.

Sessions, dates and venues[edit]

Follow the links to individual event pages in Tamil Wikipedia for more details.


Orgnized on Nov 10, 2019, Velacherry, Chennai. Users like Karthiban Harikrishnan, Udhaya.v, Chitra Siva R, இர.இரா.தமிழ்க்கனல், Gnuanwar and more had participated. among which 3 new users submitted articles for Project Tiger. event writeup and pics are at here


Organized on Nov 30 2019 at Mannar college, Madurai. We got ground level support from Thenpulam Trust. 32 were registered but 15 were turned out due to Rain on the week. However we had new participants and created new articles on the day. This Editathon was reported in The Hindu newspaper in city column. experienced users like Mahalingam, Mohammed Ammar and Neechalkaran joined along with first time user like உலகத் தமிழ்க் கொடியாளன் etc., event coverage by local youtube channel


With support of the Loyola college, Organized third editathon on Dec 15 at MCA block in its campus. 42 were registered and around 25 were participated including students, scholars, retired government servent, and volunteers. Experienced Users கி.மூர்த்தி & Neechalkaran joined along with new users including Manivannan2660, Prabakaransubramanian, MARANMATHAN, Anusuya Ammea, Saimagi, கடல்கணேசன், Sugamnayagamfrpj, Shakthi Paargavi A, Sri priya 95 etc.,





  • Participants get to know about basics of wikimedia projects
  • Participants get more clarity on Wikipedia editing.
  • participation for Project Tiger


  • New active contributors