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CIS-A2K/Events/Webinar on Wikimedia Projects in association with DYPIEMR, Akurdi

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A webinar was conducted in association with D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering, Management and Research, Akurdi on 29 May 2020. Total 30 participants including faculty and students attended the webinar from 11am to 1pm.


As it is a remote event, the following points are to be ensured before conducting the event -

  1. Selection of participants - The students should be able to type in Marathi and wish to create article in Marathi with proper references
  2. The coordinator from college will monitor the on-Wiki activity, which includes account creation, user page creation and editing in Wikipedia. We are not responsible for any abuse or vandalism by these participants.
  3. The topics for creating articles will be finalised by the faculty. We shall facilitate the gap finding exercise. The faculty will also guide the students for selecting online & offline reliable references.


The Wikipedia programme will consists of three phases -

  • Phase [I] : Orientation session on 'Wikimedia projects to create free knowledge - Scope, diversity, principles'
  • Phase [II] : Encyclopedic writing - Basic rules, reliable references, manual of style, structure, categories, links etc. After this the students will create the article in Google doc. The article will be shared with experienced editors to refine the content and style.
  • Phase [III] : Working on Wikipedia - Account creation, user page creation, settings, uploading the article in sandbox for trial and practice. Finalising the content on sandbox and then moving it to main namespace in Wikipedia.


The first phase was completed through webinar on 29 May between 11 am to 1 pm.