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CIS-A2K/Events/WikiConverse India Calls/Takeaways of Indian Wikimedians from EduWiki Conference & Hackathon

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Takeaways of Indian Wikimedians from EduWiki Conference & Hackathon, an edition of WikiConverse India organized by A2K. This event focuses on fostering collaborative discussions within the Indian language Wikimedia community, with a specific emphasis on the insights and experiences shared by participants from the recent EduWiki Conference and Wikimedia Hackathon. The speakers will delve into the important takeaways and key learnings from these international conferences, specifically those relevant to India.

This interactive session, the purpose of it is to engage in enriching dialogue, exchange ideas, and explore ways to leverage the knowledge and expertise gained from EduWiki and the Hackathon to drive growth in the Wikimedia movement. This event presents a unique opportunity to connect with fellow participants, expand your network, and contribute to the development of Wikimedia in India.

Event details[edit]

The first WikiConverse India Call will be organised on 24 June 2023 named "Takeaways of Indian Wikimedians from EduWiki Conference & Hackathon" is an initiative to create a space that helps attendees to share important takeaways and key learnings from these international conferences with the fellow Wikimedians.

Safe space policy[edit]

Please read carefully and follow the Universal Code of Conduct (UCOC) during the event. You can find the link in here.

Time Discussions Speakers
6:00 - 7:30 PM (IST) CIS-A2K will take - 5 min
Start with EduWiki
Each Speaker will take their time for - 10 mins
Q&A about the learning experiences - 10 min
Manavpreet Kaur
Akbar Ali
Jagseer S Sidhu

Meeting Details[edit]

Note: If you will face any difficulty attending the call or will have any queries please email at nitesh@cis-india.org.


Summary of the Call[edit]

Strengthening Bonds and Enhancing Ideas about Education in the Wikimedia Movement

Date: 24 June 2023


The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the takeaways of Indian Wikimedians from the EduWiki Conference participants, which aimed to engage communities and strengthen bonds among Indian communities within the Wikimedia Movement. The call was about to hear learning experiences from the EduWiki conference, held over three days, focused on analyzing the needs of the community, understanding issues, and seeking support from the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) education staff. This report will summarize the key discussions, initiatives, and takeaways from the conference.

The call was started by CIS-A2K who hand over the call to the speakers. The call had been taken over by Manavpreet Kaur, Akbarali and Jagseer Sidhu:

Manav's Contributions and Insights

Manav, a participant at the conference, shared her experience and contributions to the Wikimedia Movement. Since joining the movement in 2012 during his PhD, he actively contributed to Wikimedia projects and joined Kurukshetra University. Leveraging her academic connections, Manav facilitated various wiki activities in educational organizations. However, there was a lack of a user group specifically focused on education. Some concerns raised included the quality of contributions from educational projects and the need for dedicated project coordinators. Manav suggested the possibility of hiring at least a part-time employee to address these issues. Additionally, she highlighted the importance of the EduWiki User Group (UG) in bringing educators together to enhance learning and generate ideas related to Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikisource.

Akbar Ali's Presentation and Initiatives

Akbar Ali, another participant, presented the "Takeaways from EduWiki Conference." He shared his previous experiences attending workshops organized by the Malayalam community. During the conference, he discussed the integration of Wikidata into school classrooms based on Bloom's taxonomy. Akbar Ali highlighted different levels of activities, including remembering, comprehension, application, and evaluation. He also showcased his initiatives in schools in Dubai, such as edit-a-thons, citation hunts, Wikishootme, and Datathon. Akbar Ali's main takeaways from the conference included the initiation of the Malayalam Mala project, aimed at digitizing books in the Malayalam Arabic script, and the Wiki Graphers project, which focuses on visualizing open knowledge in Armenian and plans to expand to Malayalam.

Insights from Jagseer S Sidhu

Jagseer S Sidhu, an active member of the Punjabi Wikimedians User Group since 2017, shared his experiences during the conference. He initiated an education program in a school in Punjab in 2019, with the objective of involving students and teachers in contributing to and improving Wikipedia. Sidhu expressed enthusiasm for the integration of Wikidata into school curricula, highlighting the lack of education-related structured data currently available. He mentioned a project focused on creating curriculum content on Wikidata, which began with the country of Ghana. The project aims to develop Wikidata items from the first to the twelfth standard in Ghana's educational system. He is also planning to do something in Punjab on his own.

WikiConverese India call initiative helped us to invite EduWiki Conference participants together from India, fostering engagement and strengthening bonds. Participants shared their valuable insights, discussing concerns related to the quality of contributions from educational projects and the need for dedicated coordinators. They used that platform for sharing their learning, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas and talked about development.

Note: The information provided in this report is based on the accounts of Manav, Akbar Ali, and Jagseer S Sidhu, as recorded during the WikiConverse India Call.