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[[ WORKSHOP | Wikisource Advance Training | India]]
Wikisource Advance Training | 11–13 October 2019 | India

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Wikisource Advance Training is a residential training workshop for experienced Wiki-librarians from India. The theme for 2019 event is Wikisource content creation and improvement (advanced). The training aims to groom experienced Wiki-librarians for Indic language Wikisources to proofread even better quality content on Wikisource. The program will educate them about different kinds of proofreading, global best practices, wikidata linkup etc.


  • To optimize contribution and increase skills of Indic Wiki-librarian.
  • To introduce and initiate advance level best practices across Indic Wikisource projects with reference to Global projects.
  • Set the future path to develop their Wikisource to at per Global project.

Details event[edit]

Dates: 11,12,13th October 2019


City: Pune, India

Etherpad: WAT2019

Status: Planned



Eligibility and guidelines[edit]

Basic Preferred
  • Active Wiki-librarian contributing to any Indian language Wikisource projects (including English) are eligible to apply.
  • The user must have 500+ edits before 12 September 2019 in any Indic Wikisource.
  • Admin or Interface admin in Indic language Wikisource including English Wikisource.
  • Experience working with proofreading.
  • Experience in GLAM initiatives including wikisource proofreading

Important Timeline[edit]

Deadline Milestone
12th September 2019 23:59 IST Application open.
20th September 2019 23:59 IST Last date of submission for Proposals to Host

20th September – 22 September 2019 Selection process by Jury
22th September 2019 Participants announcement to the public.

Guidelines for participation[edit]

  • Participants are expected to arrive at the venue by the evening of Day 0 ( 10th October) , and stay until the schedule of Day 2 is complete. Partial participation not allowed. After 3PM on Sunday, 13th October Day 3,you are free.
  • After selection, the participants are expected to complete the pre-work (attend online sessions, if any, as necessary) assigned to them before they attend the event.
  • It is strongly recommended to bring your laptops, if not, kindly inform earlier.
  • Participants are not allowed to bring friends or relatives to the event, unless it is absolutely necessary (only with prior information and approval).
  • All the participants are expected to abide by the wmf:Friendly space policy and the wmf:Code of conduct policy of WMF.


  • will be updated after 22th September 2019.


will be updating later with details, below here a basic agenda. we will published the same after needassesmnt from the commuity

  • Digitization post-processing.
  • Advance proofreading techniques.
  • Wikidata Linkage.
  • Library classification.
  • Finishing touch of Transclution.
  • Annotation of the text.
  • Transclusion Techniques of Encyclopedia, Dictionary, etc.
  • Proofread-thon.


  • Is it a residential training?
  • Yes.
  • Are you going to support my travel and accommodation during the workshop?
  • Yes.
  • Can I bring my friend/brother(...) in the workshop?
  • Kindly no, not during the workshop.
  • Can me join for 1-2 days, instead of all 3 days?
Partial participation is not possible.
  • I am from SAARC countries. I reside out of India, Can I join?
This program only for resident Indian.

Please feel free to ask question(s) on the talk page.