CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2011-04-07

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[2011-04-07 19:51:24] <Theo10011> Bence!
[2011-04-07 19:51:37] <Bence> hi
[2011-04-07 19:51:57] <Theo10011> hello
[2011-04-07 19:52:23] <Bence> thanks for the reminder on the mailing list
[2011-04-07 19:52:47] <Bence> with daylight savings time it is getting quite confusing to convert the times...
[2011-04-07 19:53:21] <Theo10011> ah
[2011-04-07 19:53:30] <Theo10011> I didn't know you were on the India mailing list?
[2011-04-07 19:53:31] <Hmundol> hi Bence.
[2011-04-07 19:53:53] <Bence> I'm on all the newer chapters' lists
[2011-04-07 19:54:23] <Bence> not that I can keep track of all of them, but if something has an interesting subject line, I will read it
[2011-04-07 19:54:58] <Theo10011> noice.
[2011-04-07 20:01:07] <Hmundol> Hi everyone.
[2011-04-07 20:01:32] <Hmundol> Thank you for joining in.
[2011-04-07 20:01:58] <Hmundol> Just to set context, this is part of the monthly IRCs that we're planning to have for India Programs.
[2011-04-07 20:02:10] <Hmundol> I'
[2011-04-07 20:02:51] <Hmundol> I had shared the updated version of the India Plan a couple of days ago.
[2011-04-07 20:03:15] <Hmundol> Happy to discuss any aspect of this - or indeed anything outside the Plan.
[2011-04-07 20:07:13] <Theo10011> Hmundol:when do you plan on starting the campus outreach programs?
[2011-04-07 20:07:43] <Theo10011> [20:07] <Theo10011> Hmundol:when do you plan on starting the campus outreach programs?
[2011-04-07 20:08:14] <Hmundol> well, there are 2 parts of the campus program.
[2011-04-07 20:08:37] <Hmundol> the 1st is the planning and the 2nd is the actual editing in classrooms
[2011-04-07 20:08:55] <Theo10011> planning?
[2011-04-07 20:09:00] <Hmundol> we're proposing to start of the planning asap (like next week.)
[2011-04-07 20:09:11] <Hmundol> this would include things like campus ambassador recuitments
[2011-04-07 20:09:22] <Hmundol> of campus ambassadors
[2011-04-07 20:09:30] <Hmundol> initial dialogue with teachers
[2011-04-07 20:09:51] <Hmundol> detailed discussions with interested teachers on how to use wikipedia in classrooms
[2011-04-07 20:10:19] <Hmundol> a lot of the preparatory groundwork starts now itself - but it will time and effort.
[2011-04-07 20:10:47] <Theo10011> the plan mentions pilot in 1 town.
[2011-04-07 20:10:59] <Theo10011> does that have an expected start-date?
[2011-04-07 20:11:03] <Hmundol> hoping that we are ready to start with editing and wikipedia in classrooms with the start of the next semester year (which is variously between may and july
[2011-04-07 20:11:40] <Hmundol> it will vary from college to college but we're hoping that participation commences in 1st week june
[2011-04-07 20:12:40] <Hmundol> and yes, the plan does mention pilot in 1 town. i'm suggesting pune.
[2011-04-07 20:13:24] <Theo10011> great.
[2011-04-07 20:13:26] <Hmundol> rationale being that there is a large concentration of educational institutes in the city, it has an active community and there is already some support being extended by educational instituions (eg symbiosis)
[2011-04-07 20:13:34] <Hmundol> hi srikanth
[2011-04-07 20:13:54] <a_r_n> hello everyone... good evening
[2011-04-07 20:14:05] <Hmundol> good evening
[2011-04-07 20:14:16] <Hmundol> thanks for joining in
[2011-04-07 20:14:31] <Theo10011> Hi a_r_n
[2011-04-07 20:14:35] <a_r_n> Hmundol: this is arnav here from pune, i mailed you couple of days ago
[2011-04-07 20:14:49] <a_r_n> this is my first meeting with you all guys...
[2011-04-07 20:15:03] <Hmundol> well, good to have you. welcome aboard, a_r_n
[2011-04-07 20:15:18] <a_r_n> thanks..
[2011-04-07 20:15:19] <Hmundol> we were just discussing the campus program for india, and specifically the pune pilot
[2011-04-07 20:16:15] <a_r_n> ok
[2011-04-07 20:16:40] <Hmundol> hey, one question i had was how do we get a detailed picture of when classes resume in the various schools and colleges and universities in pune.
[2011-04-07 20:16:56] <Hmundol> does anyone have a pointer they can share on this?
[2011-04-07 20:17:33] <a_r_n> university of pune, engineering colleges exam ll get over by 12th or 15th june and classes will resume after 2 or 3 weeks
[2011-04-07 20:17:45] <Hmundol> reason i ask is that we need to time our discussions with teachers and students and authorities such that there is adequate time for the outreach to generate interest
[2011-04-07 20:17:53] <a_r_n> no idea about BBA, BCA and other streams
[2011-04-07 20:18:15] <Hmundol> ok. that's fine. at least we have the engineering picture.
[2011-04-07 20:19:18] <a_r_n> also the practical exams and orals and all for engineering students is gonna start from 5th may......
[2011-04-07 20:19:59] <Hmundol> it's going to be a challenge because different streams have different start dates. one of the things that needs to be done when we're doing the planning for the program is to draw up a list of colleges and the various sub-schools within them, and their calendar start dates.
[2011-04-07 20:20:13] <Hmundol> that'll help us schedule our activities.
[2011-04-07 20:21:31] <Theo10011> Hmundol: would you like to talk about the reasoning for choosing pune for the pilot project?
[2011-04-07 20:22:06] <Hmundol> a_r_n, what do you think of the potential for the campus program in pune? (i'm guessing you're in engineering?)
[2011-04-07 20:23:16] <a_r_n> Hmundol: yes, am in engineering only.... pune has got great community and I certainly hope that this ll be a success, we only need to time everything and reach out to concerned people....
[2011-04-07 20:24:05] <Hmundol> also, the logic for choosing pune is based on 2 streams of thought.
[2011-04-07 20:24:22] <Hmundol> the 1st is that we wanted to catalyse the campus program in india - but given india
[2011-04-07 20:24:33] <Hmundol> 's scale, it is really difficult to do it everywhere
[2011-04-07 20:25:04] <a_r_n> Hmundol: also engineering colleges under UoP would be the last one to start academic year so if we kick off by July-2nd week then we may cover every colleges......
[2011-04-07 20:25:28] <Hmundol> therefore, it is prudent to choose one location and do it intensively there. while doing it in that location, it's important to build learnings and expertise and momentum to roll it out nationally.
[2011-04-07 20:25:58] <anirudh> hello!
[2011-04-07 20:26:05] <Hmundol> as far as the actual location of pune is concerned, 3 reasons for it : large concentration of schools and colleges (>100 with more than >200,000 students)
[2011-04-07 20:26:15] <Hmundol> hi anirudh. hope you're doing good.
[2011-04-07 20:26:27] <Hmundol> second reason is there is an active community already present
[2011-04-07 20:26:27] <a_r_n> anirudh: hi, arnav here
[2011-04-07 20:26:37] <anirudh> hi hisham, I'm good, thanks! hi a_r_n
[2011-04-07 20:27:00] <Hmundol> third is that there is already support being extended by some educational institutes (eg, symbiosis) that we can build on
[2011-04-07 20:27:28] <a_r_n> +1
[2011-04-07 20:28:55] <anirudh> hmundol, is it mandatory that the pilot project may only have campus ambassador participation from pune only? or could it be other cities?
[2011-04-07 20:28:56] <Srikeit> Hello world :)
[2011-04-07 20:29:14] <Theo10011> hello Seikeit.
[2011-04-07 20:29:19] <Hmundol> hi srikeit - from a tiny set of the world
[2011-04-07 20:29:22] <Theo10011> oops striker.
[2011-04-07 20:29:59] <anirudh> For instance, two ambassadors from Pune, one from Hyderabad etc.
[2011-04-07 20:30:07] <Srikeit> Hello Hmundol anirudh and Theo10011
[2011-04-07 20:30:10] <Hmundol> anirudh: to begin with, we're proposing to kick off in pune. i suspect how these things will work is that word will spread and hopefully there'll be momentum generated for campus ambassadors across the country
[2011-04-07 20:30:32] <Hmundol> well, actually, i'm suggested much much bigger scale in pune itself.
[2011-04-07 20:31:20] <Hmundol> assuming there are 100 insitutues we outreach to, we should be targetting a very ambitious number of that 100. i don't yet know how ambitious is ambitous - but it needs to be substantial
[2011-04-07 20:31:36] <Hmundol> the campus ambassadors also will need to be recruited proportionately.
[2011-04-07 20:31:45] <Hmundol> in the US, they had 2 per classroom (not college!)
[2011-04-07 20:31:51] <anirudh> I think it's possible to do that in India if you have the right amount of resources and right application.
[2011-04-07 20:31:55] <Hmundol> we might not be able to manage that kind of scale but let's see
[2011-04-07 20:32:15] <Hmundol> anirudh: how do you mean?
[2011-04-07 20:32:30] <ragesoss> We've seen a lot of interest from Wikipedians outside of Pune since the very beginning of the Public Policy Initiative, Hmundol. Would it make sense to bring some of those people to Pune for training and then let them go back to where they are from to try to jump start things in their area at the same time as the intensive Pune pilot?
[2011-04-07 20:32:58] <Hmundol> absolutely, ragesoss. it's not an member's only club!
[2011-04-07 20:33:08] <a_r_n> Hmundol: in pune we can try 1 campus ambassador for 2 colleges or so......
[2011-04-07 20:33:13] <Theo10011> rage!!!!
[2011-04-07 20:33:14] <anirudh> I mean that we can have 100 ambassadors across different institutes provided we apply our resources in the best possible manner.
[2011-04-07 20:33:34] <anirudh> ragesoss, I think that's a great suggestion
[2011-04-07 20:33:44] <anirudh> hi tinu
[2011-04-07 20:33:49] <Srikeit> anirudh: don't you think managing 100 odd ambassadors would be a problem?
[2011-04-07 20:33:52] <ragesoss> I'd just hate to see people who have spontaneously expressed interested--and didn't have to be recruited--be told they have to wait until the program expands beyond Pune.
[2011-04-07 20:34:02] <Hmundol> to be honest, a_r_n, it might need to have a greater degree of intensity to begin wtih (in terms of number of campus ambassadors)
[2011-04-07 20:34:18] <anirudh> Srikeit, I'd imagine that in the beginning the number will be lot less.
[2011-04-07 20:34:20] <Hmundol> ...the sheer workload is such that 1 per 2 colleges might be spreading too thin.
[2011-04-07 20:34:26] <tinucherian_> hi anirudh. sorry just returned home.. bad traffic as usual
[2011-04-07 20:34:33] <ragesoss> Here's the interest list, for those wondering:
[2011-04-07 20:34:40] <anirudh> So, pilot project -> intensive training -> training for potential ambassadors from other parts of the country
[2011-04-07 20:34:51] <Hmundol> srikeit: managing 100 is going to be back-breaking. ...and that's why we need a few (and some more) good men (and women too!)
[2011-04-07 20:35:12] <Hmundol> but anirudh's right, to begin with, we might not have those kind of numbers
[2011-04-07 20:35:36] <Hmundol> but i'm proposing a combination of Staff and Fellowships to manage the eventual number of Campus Ambassadors.
[2011-04-07 20:36:45] <Hmundol> a_r_n, apart from dialogue with authorities, outreach to teachers, the campus ambassadors also play a crucial role in helping teachers redesign their teaching programs to incorporate wikipedia. it's fairly complex and time consuming and requires a great deal of 1-on-1 effort
[2011-04-07 20:36:48] <Srikeit> And the 'starting small' strategy can begin with targeting institutions under the Symbiosis umbrella
[2011-04-07 20:37:32] <Hmundol> ...except it's small with capitals. it's S M A L L. ...which means symbi for sure, but a few others also.
[2011-04-07 20:37:48] <anirudh> hmundol, what is the available funding for the campus ambassador programme?
[2011-04-07 20:38:08] <Srikeit> FYI: Symbiosis International University is based in Pune and has about 15 undergraduate and graduate institutions under its ambit in Pune
[2011-04-07 20:38:17] <Srikeit> Hmundol: agree
[2011-04-07 20:38:23] <Hmundol> the issue is the window of opportunity is not too high. if we wait till too late in the academic year, we might find it more and more tough to get into classrooms.
[2011-04-07 20:38:38] <Hmundol> srikeit: and that does represent good scale.
[2011-04-07 20:38:59] <Hmundol> anirudh: funding will be from the Foundation.
[2011-04-07 20:39:19] <Hmundol> but don't have the actual amount right now as we're still working on the budgetting
[2011-04-07 20:40:00] <a_r_n> Hmundol: would anyone be representing University of Pune also, or only the colleges under it ??
[2011-04-07 20:40:07] <Hmundol> having said that, because we are doing it 1 town, there will be limited budgets required. ...not too much travel, for instance. we're not trying to do it in multiple cities and having guys all over the place.
[2011-04-07 20:40:15] <Hmundol> a_r_n: how do you mean?
[2011-04-07 20:40:22] <anirudh> Okay, so the WMF will scale once we have some hard data from the pilot project.
[2011-04-07 20:40:39] <anirudh> a_r_n, it's a campus ambassador programme, so it'll probably be with colleges.
[2011-04-07 20:40:47] <anirudh> not a university ambassador programme. ;-)
[2011-04-07 20:40:59] <a_r_n> ok, got it :)
[2011-04-07 20:41:12] <Srikeit> a_r_n: Univ of Pune can also be roped in, the colleges in Pune have a fair degree of cohesion
[2011-04-07 20:41:29] <Hmundol> depends, actually, anirudh. if we do it really really right, we might be in a position to have it roll-out nationally without the same degree of intensity and scale (from a WMF involvement persective) than in pune
[2011-04-07 20:41:42] <Bence> what is the difference of a university and a college in Pune?
[2011-04-07 20:42:05] <anirudh> Bence, there is an accredited University and there are different colleges/institutions working under that umbrella.
[2011-04-07 20:42:14] <a_r_n> Bence: there are about 70 or more engineering colleges under University of Pune
[2011-04-07 20:42:21] <anirudh> hmundol, gotcha.
[2011-04-07 20:42:46] <Hmundol> a_r_n: we're looking at all higher educational institutions - so wouldn't be too worried about whether it is a university or a college / school that's part of a university or a stand alone school / college.
[2011-04-07 20:43:00] <a_r_n> ok
[2011-04-07 20:43:22] <Srikeit> Bence: Uni of Pune is a government institution. The other universities are privately owned but recognized by the academic accreditation bodies in India
[2011-04-07 20:44:07] <Hmundol> given how the education system is structure, it'll probably be useful to rope in the umbrella universities - but they (i suspect) can only have a "blessing the project" role. ...finally, it's individual teachers who have to be convinced.
[2011-04-07 20:44:36] <Srikeit> Hmundol: However we must, even for the pilot program, develop outreach strategies which are distinct for school level, undergraduate and graduate programs
[2011-04-07 20:45:07] <Hmundol> srikeit: absolutely.
[2011-04-07 20:45:17] <Srikeit> The end result sought from each demographic will be different
[2011-04-07 20:45:56] <Hmundol> indeed, they will differ base on the kind of subjects they teach - so a graduate IT college is likely to behave and respond differently from an arts IT college.
[2011-04-07 20:47:23] <a_r_n> Hmundol: also one more thing, Campus Ambassador would be representing only his college or he can reach out to different colleges also....... though campus ambassador means he ll b representing his campus, but for in my case am very much interested in being a Campus ambassador but my college might not support or you won't get +ve response from here, so what to do in that case ??
[2011-04-07 20:48:11] <Hmundol> a_r_n: free to represent other colleges. of course, it's always most useful if they are in their own colleges,but flexibility is always there.
[2011-04-07 20:48:54] <Hmundol> we need to work out the details when we figure out who are interested and how many are selected and then match which colleges they are from and which colleges they can support.
[2011-04-07 20:49:34] <Hmundol> in an ideal world, though, the campus ambassador is best placed if he/she is in the actual classroom of the teacher invovled. ...but that's not always possible.
[2011-04-07 20:49:46] <a_r_n> Hmundol: yeah..... first we need to gather people from anywhere ....
[2011-04-07 20:50:36] <Srikeit> Pune already has a fairly active wiki-community
[2011-04-07 20:50:44] <Hmundol> btw, am proposing that we start off the process of reaching out potential campus ambassadors using geonotices on pune. hopefully next week itself. please do ask anyone you know who might be interested to reach out.
[2011-04-07 20:50:48] <Hmundol> that
[2011-04-07 20:50:52] <Hmundol> that's true, srikeit
[2011-04-07 20:51:04] <Hmundol> and that was one of the reasons for choosing pune.
[2011-04-07 20:52:05] <Srikeit> BTW, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a student in a Symbiosis institution in Pune
[2011-04-07 20:52:20] <Hmundol> srikeit: we all make mistakes in life...
[2011-04-07 20:52:32] <Theo10011> Nepotism!!
[2011-04-07 20:52:33] <Theo10011> lol
[2011-04-07 20:52:42] <Theo10011> fa
[2011-04-07 20:53:00] <Srikeit> oh well :P
[2011-04-07 20:53:04] <Theo10011> Hmundol: when are you likely to announce the location for the India office?
[2011-04-07 20:53:45] <Hmundol> i must be honest and say i don't have a date in mind yet - but this is something that needs to be closed asap and i'm working on it.
[2011-04-07 20:53:58] <Hmundol> so sorry, don't have a clear answer to your question.
[2011-04-07 20:54:03] <Theo10011> got ya
[2011-04-07 20:54:58] <Theo10011> ok folks, there's 5 more minutes left in this office hour.
[2011-04-07 20:55:28] <Srikeit> Do we have a base of operations for this on a wiki somewhere?
[2011-04-07 20:55:48] <Theo10011> Just a note, that the logs would be added on Meta
[2011-04-07 20:55:53] <Srikeit> If not, can we create one?
[2011-04-07 20:56:04] <Theo10011> Srikeit:
[2011-04-07 20:56:05] <Theo10011> on Meta
[2011-04-07 20:56:11] <Theo10011> the whole plan is already there.
[2011-04-07 20:56:17] <Hmundol> are you referring to the campus program, srikeit or india programs?
[2011-04-07 20:56:42] <anirudh> I think he's referring to the Campus Ambassador Programme.
[2011-04-07 20:56:47] <Srikeit> India programs, specifically the proposed Pune pilot
[2011-04-07 20:57:09] <Srikeit> alliterations galore
[2011-04-07 20:57:33] <Hmundol> ah, well, india programs is the link theo shared. ...will be adding material on the pune pilot on that page. feel free to edit away.
[2011-04-07 20:57:44] <Hmundol> if you want context on the global program, it is
[2011-04-07 20:58:06] <Theo10011> I am assuming the campus programs would be a sub-page, we should announce it once it gets underway.
[2011-04-07 20:58:12] <Hmundol> it's got some pretty useful stuff that distills learnings from the Public Policy Initiative.
[2011-04-07 20:58:17] <Hmundol> Agree, Theo.
[2011-04-07 20:58:24] <anirudh> hmundol, what has been the response like on the suggested team structure for India programs? Have Wikimedians applied for work as consultants?
[2011-04-07 20:58:25] <ragesoss> Hmundol: Do you expect the Pune pilot editing to be done all on English Wikipedia, or on Indic language pedias?
[2011-04-07 20:58:52] <Theo10011> Good question Sage.
[2011-04-07 20:59:15] <Hmundol> That's a really good point. To begin with, given that the language of Education is increasingly English, and we are talking to higher education institutions in a large urban town, it'll probably be English.
[2011-04-07 20:59:46] <Hmundol> However, as we talk to language schools, for example, there will be opportunities for Indic.
[2011-04-07 21:00:28] <Hmundol> Also, an advantage of PUne is that it has a a varied mix of students from across the country - so they might also be interested in Indic languages.
[2011-04-07 21:00:40] <Hmundol> ...but with teachers, it'll probably be English to begin with
[2011-04-07 21:00:57] <ragesoss> So probably these classes will be working with the existing ambassador infrastructure and Online Ambassador pool on en-wiki, excepting language schools or other classes that aren't working on English Wikipedia.
[2011-04-07 21:01:25] <Hmundol> yes, that is probably how it will work, ragesoss.
[2011-04-07 21:01:27] <Srikeit> With Indic outreach, we will need to add technical education to the outreach programme something that will require specialised volunteers for which we may have to journey down south to the Wiki-community in Bangalore
[2011-04-07 21:01:55] <Hmundol> srikeit: true. ...though i think we have some expertise in marathi in pune itself.
[2011-04-07 21:02:15] <ragesoss> I'm asking because we've got a lot of plans for improving that infrastructure, which we'll turn more focus to as soon as our current US term settles down in May, so having deadlines of when that infrastructure needs to be active will be useful for the Public Policy Initiative team.
[2011-04-07 21:02:38] <Hmundol> fair point. i'll keep that in mind and feedback as soon as we have a clearer picture.
[2011-04-07 21:03:00] <Srikeit> we do, but Indic can probably start with the second stage of the programme rather than the pilot; of which Pune will be part, not the whole
[2011-04-07 21:03:13] <Hmundol> absolutely.
[2011-04-07 21:03:16] <a_r_n> Hmundol: u coming pune in near future ?
[2011-04-07 21:03:54] <Hmundol> a_r_n: yes, in the next couple of weeks. was just going to reach out to the community to see when might be some good dates. need to do some groundwork for the campus program.
[2011-04-07 21:04:49] <Hmundol> plan to be there for 2-3 days at least and start building a more detailed understanding of the education establishment in pune.
[2011-04-07 21:05:21] <Theo10011> So we've gone over the hour guys. any final questions?
[2011-04-07 21:05:38] <Srikeit> Who makes the first move? :P
[2011-04-07 21:06:13] <a_r_n> Srikeit: any idea about meetup on this saturday ??
[2011-04-07 21:06:13] <Hmundol> does that count as a question???
[2011-04-07 21:06:47] <Theo10011> maybe?
[2011-04-07 21:06:59] <Srikeit> a_r_n: In Pune? I won't be able to attend it if it does happen. I will be in Ahmedabad/Mumbai
[2011-04-07 21:07:50] <Hmundol> ok, a_r_n, i'll get in touch with you offline and others in the community and figure out a good set of dates. would love to join a meetup as well so let me try and work this out.
[2011-04-07 21:08:25] <Srikeit> Can we please keep it next weekend? I would hate to miss it
[2011-04-07 21:08:37] <Hmundol> i am good with that. a_r_n?
[2011-04-07 21:09:15] <a_r_n> Hmundol: of course, mail me, ping me.... anytime... :)
[2011-04-07 21:09:28] <Hmundol> excellent.
[2011-04-07 21:09:37] <a_r_n> Srikeit: no idea yet, AshLin hasn't rolled out yet any official mail
[2011-04-07 21:09:44] <Theo10011> Also, Hmundol are you planning on doing this community meeting next month?
[2011-04-07 21:10:05] <Hmundol> as in the IRC, theo?
[2011-04-07 21:10:07] <Hmundol> yes
[2011-04-07 21:10:27] <a_r_n> Hmundol: when are we meeting on IRC back ??
[2011-04-07 21:10:29] <Theo10011> great.
[2011-04-07 21:11:16] <Hmundol> 1st thursday of every month a_r_n
[2011-04-07 21:11:26] <Hmundol> and i was also thinking that we could have
[2011-04-07 21:11:32] <Hmundol> "guests" on
[2011-04-07 21:11:54] <Hmundol> ...for example, if there is someone who has something of interest, they could join in.
[2011-04-07 21:12:35] <Theo10011> ok I think anirudh had a question above with rageross that got skipped over.
[2011-04-07 21:12:50] <a_r_n> Srikeit: get me on facebook @ sonara.arnav .....
[2011-04-07 21:13:31] <Theo10011> ok
[2011-04-07 21:13:33] <Hmundol> missed that one, Theo... what was it?
[2011-04-07 21:13:45] * Theo10011 scrolls
[2011-04-07 21:13:57] <Theo10011> [20:58] <anirudh> hmundol, what has been the response like on the suggested team structure for India programs? Have Wikimedians applied for work as consultants?
[2011-04-07 21:14:20] <Hmundol> ah, sorry, skipped that one.
[2011-04-07 21:14:56] <Srikeit> a_r_n: Added :)
[2011-04-07 21:15:04] <Hmundol> no, no one has applied because we haven't posted the jobs yet. but will do very shortly and i'm hoping that many wikimedians apply! sorry, anirudh, your question slipped through.
[2011-04-07 21:15:40] <Theo10011> Great, I'm sure he will read the log later.
[2011-04-07 21:15:49] <Theo10011> So, lets finish up everyone.
[2011-04-07 21:15:53] <Theo10011> thanks for attending.
[2011-04-07 21:16:10] <Theo10011> The logs will be added on Meta and I will leave a reminder on the India mailing list.
[2011-04-07 21:16:22] <Hmundol> Thank you all for attending. Thanks for time and for a wonderfully engaging discussion. See you folks in Pune shortly!
[2011-04-07 21:16:32] <Srikeit> Thank you everyone :)
[2011-04-07 21:17:03] <Srikeit> Cheers Hmundol anirudh Theo1011 a_r_n and all else :)
[2011-04-07 21:17:03] <Hmundol> Good night.
[2011-04-07 21:17:23] <a_r_n> Good bye everyone
[2011-04-07 21:17:24] <Theo10011> yup Good Night.
[2011-04-07 21:17:30] <Hmundol> :) Thanks, all.
[2011-04-07 21:17:32] <Srikeit> night