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CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2011-08-25

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CIS-A2K (Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge) is a campaign to promote the fundamental principles of justice, freedom, and economic development. It deals with issues like copyrights, patents and trademarks, which are an important part of the digital landscape.
If you have a general proposal/suggestion for Access to Knowledge team you can write on the discussion page. If you have appreciations or feedback on our work, please share it on feedback page.

[9:00pm] Manu_fr: saluton
[9:00pm] giri: Demian: jen mi, kara
[9:00pm] AshLin: Thanks for pointing out the image that sucked
[9:00pm] Manu_fr: dankon Giri
[9:00pm] Beria: no problem
[9:00pm] Hmundol: Theo: shall we start?
[9:00pm] Theo10011: Yup
[9:00pm] Beria: i like the other one
[9:00pm] Beria: on Theo10011
[9:00pm] AshLin: hope you like the new one
[9:00pm] giri: Demian: ni eble babilu en lingvo kiun la aliaj povas sekvi, ĉu ne?
[9:00pm] Theo10011: Welcome everyone
[9:00pm] Beria: which one?
[9:01pm] Demian: Certainly...
[9:01pm] AshLin: Yo Theo10011
[9:01pm] giri: Manu_fr: nedankinde, amiko
[9:01pm] Theo10011: This meeting will be logged and logs will be posted on Meta.
[9:01pm] Theo10011: Hi AshLin
[9:01pm] Mayur joined the chat room.
[9:01pm] AshLin: Welcome Mayur
[9:01pm] Hmundol: Welcome everyone.
[9:01pm] Theo10011: There is no set agenda.
[9:01pm] Theo10011: so Hisham if you wanna take the lead or if anyone wants to start with questions....
[9:01pm] Theo10011: please go ahead.
[9:01pm] Mayur: Welcome everyone!
[9:02pm] srikanthlogic joined the chat room.
[9:02pm] Hmundol: I wanted to share an update on India Programs
[9:02pm] Theo10011: Thank you Mayur
[9:02pm] Demian: Should I ask a question?
[9:02pm] Mayur: Welcome Ashlin
[9:02pm] vineskulernu_: Mayur: Thank ĜoU 1 Dankon .
[9:02pm] Hmundol: and then get Shiju and Nitika introduced
[9:02pm] srikanthlogic: Theo10011: thanks much for the remainder, I almost forgot watching avatar / die hard 4
[9:02pm] Hmundol: Demian: sure.
[9:02pm] vineskulernu_: Mayur: Thank You .
[9:02pm] Demian: Why are there two Wikipedias for Punjabi?
[9:02pm] Theo10011: srikanthlogic: np
[9:02pm] giri: Demian: interesting! i didn't even know that!
[9:03pm] Theo10011: Demian that's a content related question. you can post it on Meta later.
[9:03pm] nitika joined the chat room.
[9:03pm] Hmundol: Hey Demian, don't have the answer to that, so if it's ok with you, can i continue?
[9:03pm] nitika: Hello everyone
[9:03pm] Theo10011: Its not what the India operations are concerned with per se, if someone proposes a wikipedia project in any language the community votes on it and its approved.
[9:03pm] Demian: Punjabi uses two scripts and there are two different Wikipedias...
[9:03pm] Demian: So does Serbian but there aren't two Wikipedias...
[9:04pm] Mayur:
[9:04pm] DarkoNeko left the chat room. (Quit: Saigo no mori kara saisho no kouya he hakobarete yuku~)
[9:04pm] Theo10011: Demian again that question should be directed to LangCom.
[9:04pm] Theo10011: on Meta.
[9:04pm] Demian: Okay... Let's
[9:04pm] Demian: continue....
[9:04pm] Theo10011: Go ahead Hisham.
[9:04pm] srikanthlogic: Demian: or we could always debate at #wikimedia-in .. its mostly empty
[9:04pm] a_r_n: nitika: too many invitations today...
[9:04pm] Tanvir joined the chat room.
[9:04pm] Hmundol: Great. so a quick update on India Programs. The Education Program pilot in Pune is in full swing.
[9:04pm] a_r_n: Hmundol: +1
[9:05pm] vineskulernu_: nitika: Hello ! Saluton .
[9:05pm] Hmundol: We have nearly 1000 students who have been trained on editing and are in various stages of the program.
[9:05pm] giri: Hmundol: +1
[9:05pm] Hmundol: There are going to be tough challenges going forward.
[9:05pm] Demian: @ Vineskulernu: Kiom da esperantistoj estas tie chi?
[9:05pm] arjunaraoc joined the chat room.
[9:05pm] AroundTheGlobe: @Hmundol. a journo asked me how many today and was really surprised when I told him 1000!
[9:05pm] nitika:
[9:05pm] Hmundol: The primary one is that students will need a lot of support and we will need significantly more Campus Ambassadors.
[9:06pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: Ve ! Mi ne bscias . Estas mia unua tago ĉi tie .
[9:06pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: *scias
[9:06pm] Hmundol: However, there are some awesome green shoots emerging. Check the article on Robinson Crusoe Economy. ...started by a newbie editor.
[9:06pm] PhancyPhysicist joined the chat room.
[9:06pm] _ram joined the chat room.
[9:06pm] Sodabottle: do we have online mentors like the public policy initative?
[9:06pm] _ram: hey guys!
[9:06pm] Hmundol: ...or the contributions to the article on Human Capital by User:Basic.atari
[9:07pm] Theo10011: Is _ram arunram?
[9:07pm] AshLin: Sodabottle, thats a great idea, sign me up for that one
[9:07pm] _ram: nope it's Ram Yadav
[9:07pm] Demian: @Vineskulernu: Ah! Same al mi... ni ne devas uzi Esperanton multe. Alie oni diros al ni ke ni foriru... mi timas
[9:07pm] Theo10011: Ahh in that case welcome!
[9:07pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: Eble jes ! sed mi restas ..
[9:07pm] _ram: Thans @Theo
[9:07pm] AshLin: ram is on of "our" campus ambassadors from Pune
[9:07pm] _ram: *thanks
[9:08pm] Theo10011: Ahh
[9:08pm] Theo10011: Congrats.
[9:08pm] Hmundol: Yes, we do. The education program has an online IRC help channel. ...We're also working on establishing an "ecosystem" of support from various sources - Campus AMbassadors in the US, Online Ambassadors from around the world and new Online Ambassadors from the existing community - hopefully from INdia.
[9:08pm] Demian: What can you discuss here? I mean it's my first time...
[9:08pm] AshLin: kya Hisham, why in that order why not in the reverse sequence?
[9:08pm] AroundTheGlobe: why not get a few WikiPorject India members to be online mentors?
[9:09pm] Hmundol: ...ok, while furiously typing away, I realised there are some strangely cryptic lines being written by a couple of guys. For those of you who are not familiar, it's esperanto, and Giri can tell you more!
[9:09pm] AshLin: Demain its India campus ambassador programs under discussion
[9:09pm] Hmundol: Didn't get that, AshLin. What reverse sequence?
[9:09pm] Hmundol: AroundTheGlobe: absolutely. will include that in the "ecosystem of support" we're trying to establish
[9:09pm] Demian: Ah!
[9:10pm] AshLin: Indian Wikipedians first, Americans last
[9:10pm] srikanthlogic: AshLin: jingoism
[9:10pm] giri: Hmundol: Oh, I don't want to deflect your train of thought -- no comments from me
[9:10pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: Ve ! Ĉi tie diskutas nur politikon ?
[9:10pm] srikanthlogic: AshLin: everyone is a wikipedian
[9:10pm] Mayur left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[9:10pm] AshLin: no, let the local community support first, its logical
[9:10pm] Neethu joined the chat room.
[9:10pm] AshLin: we will have certain advantages
[9:11pm] AroundTheGlobe: AshLin - the community is spread across the globe, why limit?
[9:11pm] AshLin: I dont mean others shouldn't be there but we should not be an afterthought
[9:11pm] Hmundol: er, I'm not differentiating from where they are because they are online ambassadors. ...but it's not really a sequence. We want help from anyone anywhere really fast
[9:11pm] Demian: @ Vineskulernu: Ne politiko. Ili diras ke ili diskutas programon kiun nomighas "India Campus Ambassador".
[9:11pm] AshLin: okay
[9:11pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: Dankon .
[9:12pm] giri: Hmundol: Perhaps it makes sense to choose such Ambassadors language-wise -- what do you think?
[9:12pm] Theo10011: Guys, this is getting slightly disruptive. I would request you to limit esperanto usage please. people reading the logs would be lost.
[9:12pm] _ram: Yaar ye Demian kya likh rha hai
[9:12pm] Hmundol: Ok, we are also expanding Campus Ambassadors by interviewing new applicants who we've received form Symbiosis School of Economics and COllege of Engineering Pune - our 2 biggest colleges
[9:12pm] srikanthlogic: _ram: if you wanna avoid you acn always use / ignore
[9:12pm] Hmundol: Giri: all editing on the progam, for now, is in English.
[9:12pm] AshLin: Ram,Esperanto is an artificial language, more than 100 years old if Im not mistaken
[9:13pm] santhosh joined the chat room.
[9:13pm] _ram: thanks srikanth
[9:13pm] AshLin: great
[9:13pm] Hmundol: Giri: we failed to get a Marathi class going. As soon as we get a local language going, we'll obviosly get languages support.
[9:13pm] vineskulernu_: Theo10011: Yes . Sorry.
[9:13pm] giri: _ram: please ignore the static -- your Roman Hindi might be equally baffling for our Tamil friends
[9:13pm] Theo10011: Thanks vineskulernu_
[9:13pm] _ram: they started it first
[9:14pm] AshLin: I know Mandar is keen to get Marathi classes going, please use his services, Hisham
[9:14pm] Hmundol: So, that's the thing on the Education Program. I'm moving on to other stuff but fire away stuff on this and will keep coming back
[9:14pm] vineskulernu_: Theo10011: Gladly!
[9:14pm] Hmundol: Yes, but SNDT failed to take off - which is where we tried to get Marathi.
[9:14pm] giri: Hmundol: I mention this, because the other day, I gave a talk on the Wikipedia, here in Hyderabad, and a couple of people were enthu about contributing to the Telugu version. But they need inputs / training in Telugu
[9:14pm] Hmundol: sorry, that last line was for AshLIn.
[9:14pm] Demian: Are there people from Tamil Nadu here too?
[9:14pm] vineskulernu_: Theo10011: With pleasure .
[9:14pm] AshLin: was it due to lack of editor help?
[9:14pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: any feedback got from students on their experiences so far?
[9:14pm] Hmundol: Nope, it was more internal to the college, AshLin
[9:15pm] AshLin: okay
[9:15pm] Hmundol: AshLin: We were just not able to convince them like we have done in our bigger schools.
[9:15pm] Sodabottle: @demian > i am frm tamil nadu
[9:15pm] AshLin: anyway, we are really keen in Pune community to get at least one Marathi event successful, feel free to partner us
[9:15pm] giri: Sodabottle: lovely screen-name, IMHO
[9:16pm] AshLin: we are there to help CA Program, Hisham
[9:16pm] Hmundol: Giri: Have you tried reaching out to the Telugu community? ...Soon you'll have Shiju to help you out on, but let's talk about that later as I don't want to steal his thunder
[9:16pm] Sodabottle: tx giri
[9:16pm] Demian: @Sodabottle: Glad to meet you!
[9:16pm] srikanthlogic: giri: i sent a mail sometime back
[9:16pm] Sodabottle: me too demian
[9:16pm] Hmundol: Absolutely, AshLIn. many thanks.
[9:16pm] pradx joined the chat room.
[9:16pm] arjunaraoc: Hmundol: Any specific issues on Marathi contributions?
[9:16pm] giri: srikanthlogic: tnx. i'll get in touch with you
[9:16pm] Demian: So the topic of discussion is how to convince students from schools and colleges to contribute to Wikipedia?
[9:17pm] Hmundol: arjunaraoc: it was more internal to the college that we were trying than the marathi per se
[9:17pm] arjunaraoc: giri: you can reach me as well for any Telugu help/assistance
[9:17pm] vineskulernu_: giri: Please You : *tnx = thanks ?
[9:17pm] nitika: srikanthlogic: students have been really enthusiastic about the program. they are in the process of slecting articles and shall be editing articles soon
[9:17pm] AshLin: has any one else asked for Marathi wp, Hisham?
[9:17pm] ShijuAlex: I remmeber Mahitgar (from Pune) was keen in doing Marathi wiki academy. But he is out of India now
[9:17pm] GaneshRao joined the chat room.
[9:17pm] arjunaraoc: Hmundol: thx
[9:17pm] srikanthlogic: nitika: thx, and hi!
[9:17pm] GaneshRao: Yellow!
[9:18pm] Hmundol: nope. ...to be fair, actually, no one has asked for Marathi wp. We pushed hard when we were at SNDT because there are classes being conducted there in Marathi
[9:18pm] nitika: srikanthlogic: hey
[9:18pm] AshLin: yep, Mandar is our Marathi pointsman now, Shiju
[9:18pm] Hmundol: Hellow to everyone who's joined since we started.
[9:18pm] Sodabottle: has an leaderboard been set up?
[9:18pm] AshLin: okay
[9:18pm] AroundTheGlobe: @ Nitika is there any set criterion for selecting articles to edit?
[9:18pm] srikanthlogic: Sodabottle: but students havent started editing..
[9:19pm] srikanthlogic: Sodabottle: background, milestone for the semester is one article per student..
[9:19pm] AshLin: Pranav, I think the teacher decides that with the student
[9:19pm] Demian: @Giri: Mi trovas malfacile kompreni kion ili parolas...
[9:19pm] AshLin: Abhijit is doing that in COEP
[9:19pm] srikanthlogic: Sodabottle: not everyone can edit 60 articles for a contest like you
[9:19pm] nitika: AroundTheGlobe: students are selecting articles which are related to their subjects taught in classes and what they find more interesting
[9:19pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: Me too.
[9:19pm] Hmundol: srikanthlogic: ha ha ha. true true.
[9:20pm] Sodabottle: hee hee
[9:20pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: And : No speak in Esperanto here !!
[9:20pm] AroundTheGlobe: @ Nitika dyk based on previous edits there is a bot that suggests what articles you may be interested in editing? This mind be kinda for 2nd step
[9:21pm] Demian: @Vineksulernu: Baratanoj estas tie chi. Angla regas en la nacio.
[9:21pm] Hmundol: Another area I wanted to speak to you about is on mobile. Getting mobile access is a strategic priority for us - becuase it means discontinous increase in access. I've started reaching out to the major mobile players to work out how we can best we can deliver this.
[9:21pm] giri: AroundTheGlobe: that sounds like a good idea
[9:21pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: Yes .
[9:21pm] vineskulernu_: Demian: Maybe .
[9:21pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: IMO if we get solid apps, operator tie up is waste.. infact operators mostly loot
[9:22pm] maplebed joined the chat room.
[9:22pm] Hmundol: AroundTheGlobe: another way they're doing it is by going on various project pages and some have list of articles that need help on
[9:22pm] maplebed left the chat room. (Remote host closed the connection)
[9:22pm] giri: Hmundol: Surely, every language wp has some such priority list, doesn't it?
[9:22pm] AroundTheGlobe: @Hmundol, great starting point
[9:22pm] Hmundol: AroundTheGlobe: we haven't looked at that. right now it's the good old hard way.
[9:22pm] maplebed joined the chat room.
[9:22pm] pradx: hmundol: I guess you're speaking to mobile operators to make access to Wikipedia on 3G/GPRS free, right?
[9:23pm] AshLin: I know the Copyeditors have a cleanup drive going on from september 1, but it requires some learning about how to cleanup & MOS
[9:23pm] Hmundol: Giri: yes, but we're only doing it in English for now so when i mean project page, I mean something like WP:ECONOMICS
[9:23pm] giri: Hmundol: ah, okay
[9:23pm] sengupta joined the chat room.
[9:23pm] GaneshRao: Hisham, when you do discuss with the ISPs in India for the mobile access make sure you stress they try to avoid web-accelerators.
[9:23pm] Hmundol: pradx: we've only just started by yes, the intent is both 3G to GPRS
[9:24pm] Hmundol: GaneshRao: can you explain. I don't understand.
[9:24pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: in fact, print media might be better than mobile.. we could try publishing FA's on weekly magazines
[9:24pm] GaneshRao: They cache content with almost no purge capabilities. Reliance does this actively.
[9:24pm] GaneshRao: http://webaccelerator.google.com/terms.html
[9:24pm] ShijuAlex: Adding proper unicode support for Android will be a nice move
[9:24pm] GaneshRao: Something like that.
[9:24pm] Hmundol: srikanthlogic: that's a very nice idea, and we must explore it - though I'm not sure it should be instead of
[9:24pm] GaneshRao: I spoke to Kul about this in Haifa.
[9:24pm] AshLin: srkanthlogic: perhaps a DYK column may be better
[9:25pm] GaneshRao: Caching content is normally fine, but for a Wiki its a bad idea.
[9:25pm] srikanthlogic: AshLin: i can feed 150 hooks for dyk from @DYKIndia
[9:25pm] AshLin: wow, how can I access that feed? on Twitter?
[9:25pm] Demian: Are not we here to discuss how to improve the quality of Wikipedia?
[9:25pm] Demian: I am sorry but I don't understand this Wikipedia-ist jargon.
[9:26pm] srikanthlogic: AshLin: http://twitter.com/dykindia i stopped maintaining since compressing hooks into 120 chars was increasingly tougher
[9:26pm] Odisha1 joined the chat room.
[9:26pm] Theo10011: Demian: Always, but this is specifically about India operations. Try Joining #wikipedia
[9:26pm] AshLin: thanks for the link, Logic
[9:27pm] Demian: @Theo10011 > I am a Wikipedian.
[9:27pm] Hmundol: Ok, another thing we're trying to work on supporting offline in a more systematic manner. There's the 19k laptop in assam opportunity and a monster 900k computer initiative that might take off in Tamil Nadu
[9:27pm] Sodabottle: @shiju > i think some of the languages already have unicode support in android (tamil does for 2.0)
[9:27pm] Theo10011: Demian: Never said you weren't.
[9:27pm] srikanthlogic: Sodabottle: are you sure.. input is still a problem.. without 3rd party apps
[9:27pm] Hmundol: need to figure out how best we can support them and we're working with wikipedia in schools and exploring partnerships to help us out on this
[9:28pm] Sodabottle: @srikanth. oh i meant there are third party apps
[9:28pm] Demian: @Theo10011: Just that it is the first time I am here and can't figure out what you people are saying...
[9:28pm] AshLin: Hisham, that job I started off, it took crazy amount of hours and my progress was very little
[9:28pm] giri: Hmundol: so, is there an agenda emerging now, out of our 30-minute chat?
[9:28pm] Hmundol: Moving on, another aspect is the entity that we will have in india. As we've mentioned earlier, it'll be an indepedent public trust and we're hoping to have it registered shortly
[9:28pm] Hmundol: Giri: didn't get that?
[9:28pm] AshLin: the Indian city articles, whuich I selected have far too many issues
[9:28pm] AshLin:
[9:29pm] giri: Hmundol: sorry -- please go on
[9:29pm] Demian: <@Theo10011> Giri told me about this...
[9:29pm] Theo10011: Demian: This is a specific discussion about India operations, if you want general Wikipedia related discussion try #wikipedia or #wikipedia-en
[9:29pm] AshLin: tailormade Indian Wikipedia for schools will require serious collaboration
[9:29pm] Hmundol: AshLin: I know and that's one of the things we're trying to see if we can have a more cohesive solution around.
[9:29pm] Theo10011: that's all I meant
[9:29pm] arjunaraoc: srikanthlogic: Agree with the comment on input issues for mobiles, if the reading goes up for indic languages, we should be very happy
[9:29pm] Hmundol: An area that I've messed up on is on setting up a physical office - and I know both Shiju and Nitika are mad at me about. ...but that is on the proirity and I will sort that out sooner rather than later.
[9:30pm] AshLin:
[9:30pm] pradx:
[9:30pm] a_r_n: Hmundol: i guess the physical office is coming up in Delhi ?
[9:30pm] AroundTheGlobe: @ Hmundol - how bout asking the edu ministry for some space
[9:30pm] srikanthlogic: AroundTheGlobe: best to avoid govt
[9:30pm] Hmundol: now, that we've safely reached the 30 minute mark - with a little bit of esperanto, accelerators and hindi movie lines, i' d now like to talk about the 2 new hires. nitika is going to look after participation and shiju will lead indic language intiatives.
[9:31pm] AshLin: ask a charity like msdf
[9:31pm] giri: AshLin: if courseware can be developed for one group of students, it can probably be replicated rapidly for others around the country
[9:31pm] Hmundol: AroundTheGlobe: i'd love to be in a place like JNU but not sure the edu ministry
[9:31pm] Hmundol: AshLin: What's MSDF?
[9:32pm] AshLin: giri I gree, but are you referring to Wikipedia fir Schools (Offline Edition)?
[9:32pm] AroundTheGlobe: Ministry of Defence?
[9:32pm] AshLin: Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
[9:32pm] giri: AshLin: I don't know. I'm here to learn more about the various initiatives underway
[9:32pm] Hmundol: ...ah, yes. makes sense.
[9:32pm] dispenser joined the chat room.
[9:32pm] AshLin: giri, thats what I was referring to
[9:32pm] Demian: Kee ithe koi panjaabee boldaa hai?
[9:32pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: sorry for asking late, any more followups you have on the fundraiser mail you sent couple of days back ?
[9:33pm] AshLin: saada yaar, Demian, keegal hai, paape
[9:33pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: are we hopeful of FY 11-12 itself ?
[9:33pm] Mayur joined the chat room.
[9:33pm] AshLin: Welcome back, Mayur
[9:33pm] Hmundol: srikanthlogic: which specific mail are you referring to because I;ve sent a bunch of them
[9:34pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: INR support
[9:34pm] Demian: @<AshLin> E kehende ke asi Wikipedia India Operations de bare vich gal kar rahe haan. Is da ki matlab hai?
[9:34pm] Hmundol: We're working on that. I am hopeful we'll work something out. Stay tuned
[9:34pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: great !
[9:34pm] giri: Hmundol: sounds good!
[9:35pm] GaneshRao: INR support most likely wont happen unless they liase with a bank/processor within the country. I've worked with a few companies trying to charge INR via CC.
[9:35pm] AshLin: Demain, India mein je Wikipedia di karwai chal rahi hai, unna vich gal kar rahe hain
[9:35pm] GaneshRao: Please let anyone who is working on this issue know about this.
[9:35pm] Hmundol: GaneshRao: that's precisely what we're doing
[9:36pm] Theo10011: Demian: Wikimedia vich, Wikipedia vich nahin.
[9:36pm] AshLin: Demian, ki fark painda, yaara
[9:36pm] giri: Theo10011: useful distinction!
[9:36pm] Demian: <AshLin> Samajh nahi aaya. Ki asi e discuss kar rahe haan, ke Wikipedia nu kis tarah umda (better) banaya jave?
[9:36pm] Tempodivalse joined the chat room.
[9:37pm] AshLin: Na ji, India main ki ho raha hai, uske vich
[9:37pm] giri: Hmundol: What next, amiko? Shall we move on with the agenda?
[9:37pm] Hmundol: moving on from this little detour
[9:37pm] Hmundol: Giri: agreed.
[9:37pm] • srikanthlogic and Sodabottle are #outraged
[9:37pm] srikanthlogic:
[9:37pm] ShijuAlex:
[9:37pm] Demian: <AshLin> Jo Wikipedia Convention honi hai, us bare vich?
[9:37pm] Hmundol: so, can we get back to the agenda
[9:37pm] AshLin: haanji
[9:37pm] AshLin: aur bhi chijan vich bhi gal ho rahi hai
[9:38pm] Mayur left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[9:38pm] Hmundol: I've already sent out a not introducing Shiju and Nitika. They're both on. Feel free to fire questions but in English pls...
[9:38pm] Hmundol: er, I meant feel free to fire questions at them!!!
[9:38pm] Demian: @<AshLin> Jis tarah?
[9:38pm] GaneshRao: Yes, English.
[9:38pm] Mayur joined the chat room.
[9:38pm] giri: Hmundol:
[9:38pm] AshLin: Hisham, the last thing I expected in this irc was being exoected to communicate in my broken Punjabi
[9:39pm] Hmundol: AshLin:
[9:39pm] srikanthlogic: nitika: anything apart from campus ambassador you are working on. / any plans on future ?
[9:39pm] Sodabottle: @shiju > i remember you talking about assamese at haifa. i think there is a submission from someone in assame
[9:39pm] Theo10011: AshLin it's not that bad.
[9:39pm] ShijuAlex: Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome.
[9:39pm] giri: AshLin: better than my haryanvi
[9:39pm] nitika: srikanthlogic: im currently working actively on the global education program in pune
[9:39pm] Mayur: You are Welcome shiju
[9:39pm] Demian: <Humdol> I don't understand what are you people talking about?
[9:39pm] AshLin: he he he
[9:39pm] Hmundol: Hey, everyone, can I just remind you that there are a bunch of folks from all over India (and some from abroad.) They don't necessarily understand local Indian languages so it'd be really sweet if we stuck to English!
[9:39pm] nitika: campus ambassador program is definatley a part of it
[9:40pm] a_r_n: met nitika, any plans of ShijuAlex's visit ?
[9:40pm] srikanthlogic: nitika: educate me then, global education is more than campus ambassador ?
[9:40pm] ShijuAlex: @sodabotte I got hold of few assamese wikipedians
[9:40pm] Demian: Is it about how to organise the upcoming Wikipedia convention well?
[9:40pm] a_r_n: to pune
[9:40pm] Hmundol: Demian: This is a monthly conversation with the community on India Programs.
[9:40pm] srikanthlogic: Sodabottle: ShijuAlex: Assamese / Urdu has recieved "my language on internet" proposals
[9:40pm] Sodabottle: @shiju. oh good
[9:40pm] Demian: <+Hmundol> What kind of programs?
[9:40pm] Hmundol: Demian: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_-_India_Programs
[9:41pm] a_r_n: Demian: check out last few logs
[9:41pm] nitika: srikanthlogic: Well, GEP is collaborating with universities.. introducing wikipedia as a part of formal/infromal teaching and learing system
[9:41pm] AshLin: Demian, India vich kafi chijaan ho rahi hai - Wikipedia for Schools (Offline Inititiative), Campus Ambassador program, Indic languages efforts, WikiConference, tusi samajh lo ki bahut kuch gal ho rahi hai
[9:41pm] nitika: and campus ambassadors are providing us huge amount of support to achieve success
[9:41pm] ShijuAlex: @a_r_n we shall meet soon
[9:41pm] giri: nitika: In how many schools / colleges in Pune is it in place?
[9:42pm] AshLin: btw what is GEP?
[9:42pm] srikanthlogic: AshLin: global edu program
[9:42pm] AshLin: oh, thanks
[9:42pm] a_r_n: ShijuAlex: not in pune call us somewhere
[9:42pm] nitika: girr: as for now 2, symbiosus school of economics and college of engineering pune (SSE & COEP)
[9:42pm] Sodabottle: @hmundol did suryaprakash from chennai talk to you about a wikipedia club in Anna University?
[9:42pm] Demian: <+Hmundol> Aha! Thanks!! That means there is a lot of talk...
[9:42pm] srikanthlogic: nitika: thanks.. so even in colleges / univs not part of campus ambassadors, there is some GEP work (seminars , talks may be)
[9:42pm] giri: nitika: Great! Do the students get credits for this program?
[9:42pm] Demian: is going to be*
[9:42pm] nitika: and from these two schools itself we have got over 1000 students already
[9:43pm] AroundTheGlobe: @shiju, are you going to be involved with languages stuck at incubator level, if yes what will your strategy be to revive them and get them to go live
[9:43pm] nitika: giri: yes they do
[9:43pm] giri: nitika: Even more impressive!
[9:43pm] Hmundol: sodabottle: yes! thanks for connecting us. he's kindly invited me to the inauguration if they can get it going! ...fingers crossed.
[9:43pm] RoanKattouw_away is now known as RoanKattouw.
[9:44pm] Hmundol: AroundTheGlobe: I'm going to let Shiju answer but do keep in mind that he hasn't actually joined as yet! ...Even Shiju will need time to think through a comprehensive Indic language strategy
[9:44pm] Sodabottle: @Hmundol thats great. we have been trying to start one for some months now. hopefull this semester we will make it happen
[9:44pm] ShijuAlex: @AroundTheGlobe, I have not yet joined
[9:44pm] nitika: giri:
[9:44pm] giri: nitika: An end-of-semester or end-of-project report on outcomes will be really useful in replicating this program elsewhere
[9:45pm] AshLin: Hisham, is Shiju's appointment fixed for a period or ongoing (from planning Indic WP point of view)
[9:45pm] Hmundol: sodabottle: keep in touch with me and let me know if you need any help. in some other colleges, a letter from me has helped open doors. not sure what they barrier is at anna univ but happy to help
[9:45pm] AroundTheGlobe: @ShijuAlex will hold back until you start
[9:45pm] nitika: giri: oh! sure yes! and we shall definately share it with you too
[9:45pm] vineskulernu_ left the chat room.
[9:45pm] Hmundol: all of us are consultants on rolling 1 year contracts
[9:46pm] AshLin: okay, in that case, keep rolling Hisham but back & forth in your office in Delhi & betwen meetups only
[9:46pm] Sodabottle: @Hmundol; yes a letter would be a great asset. Last sem i tried sending surya with a letter from me and the dean was suspicious, who is sodabottle and whats his connections with wikipedia. so a letter would be great. surya will follow up with you
[9:46pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: is office talk in session?
[9:46pm] anivar joined the chat room.
[9:46pm] Hmundol: AshLin: ha ha ha. that's what I'd love to do - but haven't been able to find an office yet!!!
[9:46pm] Theo10011: ToAruShiroiNeko: Yes.
[9:46pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: oh good
[9:47pm] AshLin: Sodabottle, you actually used your userid? lol
[9:47pm] srikanthlogic: probably the name Sodabottle outside Wiki community sounds suspicious,
[9:47pm] Theo10011: I'm moderating, so don't make ab(use) you.... again.
[9:47pm] srikanthlogic: AshLin: he is Sodabottle everywhere
[9:47pm] Hmundol: sodabottle: you signed it sodabottle??? that might have raised an academic eyebrow or two, i suspect!!!
[9:47pm] Hmundol: not that sodabottle isn't an awesomely cool name!!!
[9:47pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: Theo10011 who is the office person in today?
[9:47pm] ShijuAlex: Sodabottle:
[9:47pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: ah
[9:47pm] Sodabottle: put sodabottle within paranthesis.. used my full name
[9:47pm] Theo10011: Hmundol he's voiced.
[9:47pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: I wonder if WMF could take a look at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_language_ISO_639-1_%E2%86%92_639-3_proposal
[9:47pm] a_r_n: ToAruShiroiNeko: cool name
[9:48pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: a_r_n thank you
[9:48pm] AshLin: soda bottle TOCK to you (sound of marble soda bottle opening)
[9:48pm] RoanKattouw is now known as RoanKattouw_away.
[9:48pm] Theo10011: ToAruShiroiNeko: This is India operations only.
[9:48pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: the idea is at infant stages but that is the nutshell of the proposal
[9:48pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: hmm
[9:48pm] Hmundol: hey, we not have 10 minute left. was there anything specific you wanted to cover, or we can continue chatting.
[9:49pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: I believe india hosts many different languages
[9:49pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: so my proposal may be relevant :p\
[9:49pm] Theo10011: Go ahead Hisham, ToAruShiroiNeko is a regular here.
[9:49pm] AroundTheGlobe: @Nitika, when do you think the CA program will move to the next city?
[9:49pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: while i see campus ambassador is taking your time, but there were few other initiatives also planned..
[9:49pm] giri: ShijuAlex: I missed the Urdu / Assamese context -- can you briefly recap, please?
[9:49pm] ShijuAlex: ToAruShiroiNeko: yeah, more 20 live wikipedias itself
[9:49pm] AshLin: yep, ToAruShiroiNeko, I agree but am a non-tech so cant give you any inputs
[9:49pm] Hmundol: cool, Theo
[9:50pm] srikanthlogic: like Theo10011 started discussing contribute indic, but am not sure if we went ahead with it..
[9:50pm] nitika: AroundTheGlobe: we would want to take it to other cities as soon as possible.. but before we do that we want to make sure that Pune can susutain and tyhrive byitslef
[9:50pm] ShijuAlex: giri: I were able to contact few wikipedinas who are interested in assamese wiki
[9:50pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: I propose in essence that wikis be renamed to iso 639-3 name (3 letter code) rather than iso 639-1 name (2 letter code) for consistency
[9:50pm] giri: nitika: Yes, that's important -- to show that it can work in one city
[9:50pm] nitika: giri: absolutely!
[9:50pm] srikanthlogic: tamil wiki is seeing good results with a contribute campaign we launched... putting across indic might be great !
[9:50pm] AroundTheGlobe: @Hmundol, given that Nitka will take trhe bulk of the CA load, on what will you be concentrating on now?
[9:50pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: en.wikipedia would ne eng.wikipedia for instance
[9:51pm] ShijuAlex: giri: not sure abour Urdu. some one else told that
[9:51pm] giri: ShijuAlex: OK! Are you working with them to develop the Assamese WP?
[9:51pm] AroundTheGlobe: @ Nitika, thanks - have you guys though of any timelines?
[9:51pm] yannf: Hmundol, I have opportunities to visit small museums / tourist sites. I could make photos for Commons, but sometimes, it is prohibited
[9:51pm] yannf: a letter of support could help
[9:51pm] Theo10011: srikanthlogic: we did during the end of the last fundraiser. The response wasn't very stellar.
[9:51pm] AshLin: yannf where are you nowadays?
[9:51pm] ShijuAlex: giri: yeah, providing some outside support
[9:51pm] yannf: AshLin, travelling most of the time
[9:51pm] Hmundol: ok. for sure yannf. shall reach out to you offline. you could also ask the Chapter - but I'm more than happy to help out.
[9:52pm] giri: ShijuAlex: is there much Assamese / Bengali bilingualism among them?
[9:52pm] AshLin: I meant in India or oout?
[9:52pm] yannf: right now in Bhopal
[9:52pm] AshLin: okay
[9:52pm] Theo10011: yannf is awesome.
[9:52pm] mhernandez_ joined the chat room.
[9:52pm] AshLin: any chance of Pune, yann?
[9:52pm] yannf: Theo10011, lol
[9:52pm] Hmundol: +1 to Theo
[9:52pm] sengupta left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[9:52pm] Theo10011: I mean it man.
[9:52pm] yannf: I am just back after a 3 week tour in MP and Rajasthan
[9:52pm] ShijuAlex: giri: yeah, I should say. send me mail. we shall discuss this further if you are interested
[9:52pm] giri: ShijuAlex: If there is, they can leverage the Bangla WP to contribute to the Assamese one
[9:52pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: yannf on wheels
[9:53pm] nitika: AroundTheGlobe: well.. its difficult to say. until now we had a fellow from georgetown university taking care of the program in pune.. since he has returned back to us now. we'll have to give the program sometime to see how well it can function without any external support
[9:53pm] nitika: AroundTheGlobe;; but we're hoping soon that will be soon
[9:53pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: Hmundol how do you like my proposal - in essence?
[9:53pm] AshLin: Oh before we close, I propose aVote of Thanks for PJ Tabit who did a splendid job mentoring CAs in Pune
[9:53pm] AroundTheGlobe: @Nitika, sounds like your on the right track
[9:54pm] a_r_n: AshLin: +1
[9:54pm] nitika: AroundTheGlobe:
[9:54pm] giri: AshLin: +1
[9:54pm] Neethu left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[9:54pm] Hmundol: member:identifier:toarushiroineko: going to confess that I haven't understood it but that's probably because I'm on somewhat unfamiliar territory on it
[9:54pm] Sodabottle: AshLin: +1
[9:55pm] nitika: AshLin: +1
[9:55pm] Hmundol: oooppss, sorry about that cut-paste error, ToAruShiroiNeko
[9:55pm] AshLin: Thanks Hisham for getting ThePiano to Pune
[9:55pm] Hmundol: Thanks to him for coming down, AshLin
[9:55pm] Hmundol: On a lighter note, we were in a classroom in Pune where the girls almost walked out when they realised that PJ was gone.
[9:56pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: Hmundol ok for the sake of argument lets handle a wiki like en.wikipedia
[9:56pm] Theo10011: ToAruShiroiNeko: This is yannf on wheels http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rickshaw_Jan2007.jpg
[9:56pm] giri: Hmundol: Hope you've been able to extract some 'action-points' from the last hour or so!
[9:56pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: it has an ISO 639-1 name which is "en"
[9:56pm] Hmundol: so, therefore, not sure about whether he added any value whatsoever on the edu program (;-)) but he's had an impact on something else for sure
[9:56pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: Theo10011 I know dearie <3
[9:56pm] pradx: hmundol:
[9:56pm] Hmundol: Giri: i sure I'll spend time looking at the logs and put loads of stuff together
[9:56pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: it was a 3 way pun
[9:57pm] Theo10011: ToAruShiroiNeko: I'll explain your proposal to Hisham later, you have his support.
[9:57pm] srikanthlogic left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[9:57pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: ok
[9:57pm] ToAruShiroiNeko:
[9:57pm] AshLin: Taklkingof rickshaws reminded me of Tuk Tuk - Patricia Suothoff
[9:57pm] Hmundol: Thanks, Theo. Much appreciated.
[9:57pm] Theo10011: np
[9:57pm] pradx: theo10011: Was yannf trying to compare himself with Amir Khan there?
[9:57pm] yannf: if you want more details, see https://www.facebook.com/yannfo
[9:57pm] Theo10011: you can ask him yourself pradx.
[9:58pm] AshLin: http://blog.wikimedia.org/2011/08/24/the-taj-to-the-tuk-tuk-language-in-the-indian-wikiworld/
[9:58pm] AroundTheGlobe: I propose we end with a vote of thanks to Hmundol and Theo10011 for organising this
[9:58pm] ToAruShiroiNeko: Theo10011 I feel like the decision should be made at a foundaiton level rather than at an individual wiki level to minimise the confusion.
[9:58pm] pradx: yannf: Were you trying to compare yourself to the actor Amir Khan in the pic that theo10011 shared?
[9:58pm] giri: AroundTheGlobe: Thank you. Seconded!
[9:58pm] srikanthlogic joined the chat room.
[9:58pm] yannf: pradx, yeah!
[9:58pm] Hmundol: aaawwww, AroundTheGlobe, Theo (and I) have never had a vote of thanks. ...I bow!
[9:58pm] • Theo10011 too
[9:59pm] _ram left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[9:59pm] giri: Hmundol: Hmm. But you get used to this...
[9:59pm] giri: Hmundol: You could get used...
[9:59pm] Hmundol: Giri: you mean the bowing???
[9:59pm] AroundTheGlobe left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[9:59pm] yannf: pradx, I realise about Amir Khan in this pic only much later
[9:59pm] arjunaraoc left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[9:59pm] giri: Hmundol: Well, they call it the long bow in violin training
[9:59pm] pradx: yannf:
[9:59pm] AshLin: thanks Hisham & Theo, guys I am off
[10:00pm] Theo10011: Later AshLin
[10:00pm] pradx: have a great night
[10:00pm] AshLin: gn & hope to catch you all soon
[10:00pm] yannf: AshLin, +1
[10:00pm] AshLin: bye one & all
[10:00pm] AshLin left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[10:00pm] Hmundol: Thanks so much everyone! Good Night, speak soon! Peace & Love!
[10:00pm] GaneshRao: Bye
[10:00pm] pradx left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[10:00pm] GaneshRao: Lol, that was rude.
[10:00pm] ShijuAlex: thank you all, Good night, bye
[10:00pm] Theo10011: Logs will be up on Meta soon.
[10:00pm] nitika: Thanks everyone! Talk to you soon..
[10:01pm] nitika left the chat room.
[10:01pm] giri: I'll stay in the room but look in only once in a while - thank you!
[10:01pm] a_r_n: Good Bye everyone
[10:01pm] GaneshRao: Catch ya'll later.