CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2020-04-19

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  1. abartov
  2. abhinav619
  3. Ananthpv
  4. Ani
  5. Ashwani
  6. balaji
  7. bhuvana
  8. chanakya
  9. Dharampal
  10. Dnyanada
  11. Faisal
  12. Faismeen
  13. gitartha
  14. Hardarshan
  15. Jagseer
  16. Jayanta
  17. Manav
  18. Phadke09
  19. PiyushM
  20. satpal
  21. Seddon
  22. Snavare
  23. sri58
  24. Subodh
  25. Suswetha
  26. Tulsi

IRC Chat log[edit]

Subodh 19:03:58
Welcome all! hope you all are safe and having happy time...

Subodh 19:08:34
Let us start. This IRC is for taking review of some online activities going on in India in this lockdown period, as well as some proposed events in near future. I request all members to give their valuable inputs, ideas and suggestions.

abhinav619 19:10:54
Hello, I had a quick question, the lockdown officially ends in India on 3rd May (so far as per the government), so why not shift Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon to an earlier date

Subodh 19:12:20
Jayanta, what is your opinion on this?
For more info see -

Subodh 19:14:34
The event is declared today only, so communities need at least a week to prepare imo

abhinav619 19:15:12
So even say 25th April - 5th May could be a better choice

Jayanta 19:15:20
Officially lock-down end in India 3rd May, but WMF stopped all offline events still September. So this Proofreadthon for Indias lockdown period.

Subodh 19:16:51
Are there any other points regarding the Wikisource proofreadathon?

abhinav619 19:17:40
I didn't understand from the response. I do have a second question, however, will there be en.wikisource also ? I am much more active there than hi

gitartha 19:17:56
Is fountain/any other tool available for proofreadathon counting?

Dnyanada 19:18:23
As per my understanding we are supposed add books to the lists which are already OCRed and not proof read , is that correct? or we can list any classic?

Ananthpv 19:19:01
we have two different tools to track the activity on Wikisource.

Jayanta 19:20:22
abhinav619: sorry, Proofreadthon is not conducted for Indias lockdown period.

Subodh 19:20:35
Yes Dnyanada, we have to list books, which are incomplete or just OCR'd .

Dnyanada 19:20:49

Jayanta 19:22:35
Dnyanada: OCRed or Non OCRed both can be use for this edithon.

Subodh 19:23:03
Can we know which language Wikisource communities are represented in this IRC?

gitartha 19:24:00
Assamese ✋

Jayanta 19:24:04
abhinav619: Thanks for your suggestion, 25th April - 5th May, let wait, if whole community is prepare to do this edithon, we have no issue.

Dnyanada 19:24:19

Phadke09 19:24:34

chanakya 19:24:55

Subodh 19:26:02
Regarding period, I think we can have more iterations also.

Subodh 19:27:54
It's good to see many communities developing COVID-19 related articles on their WP. Some have started Wiki Projects also. Can anyone explain more about this? We can list the possible collaborations also.

Subodh 19:28:44
You can mention the requirements like svg images etc.

Dnyanada 19:29:09
I have developed one article about covid pandemic in Maharashtra.

Faismeen 19:29:17
We have started the project for Covid-19 on Urduwiki and yes a collaboration is possible among indic wikies

Phadke09 19:29:25
We need guidance about how to embed real time maps in to WP

Dnyanada 19:29:32
also contributing to other Covid related articles on Marathi wiki

Ashwani 19:30:02
We in santali also have one article on COVID 19

Subodh 19:30:40
Phadke09, can you explain more by giving an example? or link?

Phadke09 19:31:53
I have prepared wikidata queries with specific Maharashtra data. they need to be embedded in Marathi article about outbreak

Subodh 19:32:10
Could we get real time visualisations from Wikidata project? See -

Subodh 19:33:12
I request Wikidata experts to give inputs...

Phadke09 19:33:23
here the visualizations are with national level data

Jayanta 19:33:42
abhinav619: In english wikisource , they conduct in every month. And we are now focusing only Indic Languages. If we got more user from India at ENWS, we may add ENWS.

satpal 19:34:29
In Punjabi, an edit-a-thon is going on:ਵਿਕੀਪੀਡੀਆ:ਕੋਵਿਡ-19_StayHomeEditWiki

Faismeen 19:35:41

Phadke09 19:35:46
as we progress now with more and specific data getting generated. the statewise data and wikipedia pages will get increasing importance

abhinav619 19:36:03
Jayanta Da Thanks !

Subodh 19:36:05
Anybody working on real time maps showing COVID data in Wikipedia articles?

Subodh 19:37:28
Great to see pa and ur project pages, congrats!

Subodh 19:38:50
Many volunteers are taking efforts to update the stats in Wikidata project -

satpal 19:39:23
about maps, this one is going very well:

Subodh 19:44:13
Any ideas about other online activities we could take up for Indic communities?

Subodh 19:47:54
I request all to take advantage of two skill sharing sessions available as of now - and

PiyushM 19:49:07
Can start article creation competition. It will engage users until the no event time period.

Subodh 19:51:07
Sure, any specific theme/focus or in general?

PiyushM 19:52:44
General but can create themes like technology, countries and other important topic which I think lacks in information and quality on Indic wikis.

Subodh 19:56:28
Ok, we will discuss among the communities. Thanks.

PiyushM 19:59:46
Is there any time limit for this IRC?

Subodh 20:00:19
I request all to give suggestions if any before closing this IRC...

Subodh 20:00:40
Yes, 5 min. more, @8pm

Subodh 20:04:06
On behalf of CIS-A2K, I thank all for participating in this IRC. Let us meet soon, stay safe!