CIS-A2K/Indic Languages/Pilots

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It is essential to design, implement, learn from, adapt and scale up pilots - which can then serve as the basis for cross-planting ideas / programs across other languages.

Pilot Design[edit]

Based on the determinants of success identified earlier, designing pilots the deliver high-impact, are (eventually) self-sustaining and include capability building for the community. Some of the early idea for pilots are:

  • Offline projects
  • Education Program
  • Indic Language specific and Indian state specific Wiki projects
  • Photo events
  • Tapping NRIs
  • State Encyclopedia

Pilot Resources[edit]

What kind of resources (manpower & collateral such as online resources, printed brochures, promotional material, etc.) will be required.

Pilot Progress[edit]

  • Tracking mechanism for the progress of the pilots

Transferring Pilot Learnings[edit]

How will pilot learnings be collated and transferred to others within that pilot, within other pilots and beyond (within both the pilot languages and others.)


  • Schedule for the pilot