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  • Konkani Vishkawosh encyclopedia released under free license. 26 November 2013. Upon Centre for Internet & Society’s Access to Knowledge Programme (CIS-A2K)‘s explicit request, Goa University has approved the re-release of Vishwakosh under Creative Commons License (CC-BY-SA 3.0) to make it freely available to public, giving them the right to share, use and even build upon the work that has already been done. This is a huge step to help preserve Konkani language and culture in the digital era.
  • Konkani Vishwakosh Digitization Project - Process, Challenges & Success. 13 November 2013. Goa University in collaboration with the Centre for Internet & Society’s Access to Knowledge Programme (CIS-A2K) is digitizing Konkani Vishwakosh. In this project CIS-A2K will work with group of individuals who will help digitize the encyclopedia in a time bound manner. All 3632 pages of Konkani Vishwakosh will be digitized.
  • Re-release of Konkani Vishwakosh under CC-BY-SA 3.0. 1 October 2013. Goa University re-released Konkani Vishwakosh under Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0. To celebrate and further the movement of open knowledge and open access Goa University in collaboration with Centre for Internet & Society's Access to Knowledge Programme (CIS-A2K) organised an event.
  • Konkani Vishwakosh Digitization Project. 25 September 2013. The Centre for Internet and Society in collaboration with the University of Goa invites you to enroll in a two-month project on digitization of Konkani Vishwakosh.
  • Konkani Wikipedia — Climbing up the Indian Language Ladder?. 13 August 2013. Recently CIS-A2K in collaboration with Goa University organized a four-day workshop for MA, Konkani language students. This workshop involved 38 students creating 43 new articles on Konkani Wikipedia which is incubation. CIS-A2K hoping that these efforts will contribute towards bringing this 7 year old project out of incubation to a live Wikipedia project.