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Indic language Wikimedians all set to improve Wikipedia articles on Geographical Indications of India this Republic Day[edit]

Indic language Wikimedians are coming together to celebrate this Republic Day by editing and enhancing Wikipedia content on the Geographical Indications of India.

BENGALURU—Jan 25, 2016—This Republic Day is going to be different for many Indic-languages and English Wikipedians as the Wikimedia community is coming up with a week-long multilingual edit-a-thon. Starting from this 25th, the event aims at improvement of existing Wikipedia articles related to Geographical Indications of India, translating them to Indian languages and also creating new articles. There exists only about 70 English Wikipedia entries out of the 200+ Geographical Indications of India as identified by the Geographical Indications Registry of the Government of India. The state of many Indian language Wikipedias is even worse where a vast majority of the identified geographical indications and other important topics related to art, craft, cuisine, culture, attire and tradition are missing from Wikipedia. Karnataka, which has the maximum and over 30 Geographical Indications has only a handful of articles and a few images on Wikipedia. Wikipedians are coming together online to join for the event. The event, that already has over 75 registrations from 18 South Asian language Wikimedia communities, is very promising. The event is open to all and anyone can create and enhance articles in any language Wikipedia project. The participants are also encouraged images and other media files related to the Geographical Indications, their production and marketing.

More about the edit-a-thon can be found at:

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