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During this quarter CIS-A2K was able to build stronger ties with it's already existing partners. A new project on Goan towns and villages started with Nirmala Institute of Education where 100 students are enroleld in pairs of 2 (with total of 50 pairs) who are writing Konkani Wikipedia articles on 50 villages (an article per pair) of state of Goa. Konkani Vishwakosh Digitization project with Goa University is also nearing completion with 85% of work being done in this quarter.

Key Highlights[edit]

  • Completed 85% of Konkani Vishwakosh Digitization Project - Goa University in collaboration with the CIS-A2K is digitizing Konkani Vishwakosh. 37 participants enrolled in this project who are working to digitize the encyclopedia in a time bound manner. All 3632 pages of Konkani Vishwakosh will be digitized. The program started on 19th October and by this quarter 85% of the encyclopedia has already been digitized. You can monitor the progress of this project on Wikisource. Here are the links for Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4 on Wikisource. Please note that some of the participants firstly digitize the encyclopedia either in their Sandbox or offline and then move it to Wikisource. To know more about the project click here.
  • Town & Villages of Goa Project - Nirmala Institute of Education (NIE) and the Centre for Internet & Society’s Access to Knowledge (CIS-A2K), started working towards conserving and developing knowledge and disseminating the same free of cost in Goa’s official language - Konkani. The two organisations are working together to foster usage of Konkani language and enhance digital literacy in Konkani by running a certified Wikipedia Training Programme for it’s B.Ed. students. The project has enrolled 100 students paired in teams of 2 (with total of 50 pairs) who are writing Konkani Wikipedia articles on 50 villages (an article per pair) of state of Goa. More details can be found on project page.
  • Wiki Women's Day at International Centre Goa - Wiki Women's Day was be celebrated at International Center Goa on 9th March. About 15 new participants joined in to learn about Konkani Wikipedia and its workings. More details can be found on project page.
  • Celebrating Wikipedia's 13th Anniversary with Konkani Wikipedia Community - Community meet ups were organised to celebrate Wikipedia's 13th Anniversary and celebrate all the work that has been put in Konkani Wikipedia so far. This was a celebratory and social event organised with Konkani-Devanagari and Konkani-Roman communities on 15th Jan 2014.

Total Editors[edit]

January saw low editing activity due to the festive season as well as examination time at Goa University. Post examinations, students from Goa University started editing again. This was clubbed with new editor activity from Nirmala Institute of Education who started working on Goan Towns & Villages project. However, the high level of editing activity could not be maintained and slowed down in March 2014.

Total editors-Konkani Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014))

Edits Per Month & Bytes Added Per Month[edit]

The pattern shown in editors per month guided the graphs of edits per month as well as bytes added per month. Both saw an increment in Feb 2014 followed by a fall in Mar 2014. Though bytes added per edit was highest in Jan 2014 and lowest in March 2014 in this quarter.

Edits per month-Konkani Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014))
Bytes added per month-Konkani Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014))

Total Number of Articles[edit]

Article numbers grew at a steady growth this quarter with 8%, 17% and 6% increment in Jan, Feb and Mar respectively. Most of the new articles were written in Devanagari and Roman script; while number of articles in Kannada script remains unchanged from the previous quarter.

Total number of articles-Konkani Wikipedia incubator (Jan - Mar 2014)
Total number of articles-Konkani Wikipedia incubator (Jan - Mar 2014)