CIS-A2K/Reports/CIS-A2K Quarterly Report 4/Creating Movement Resources

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Movement resources created during this quarter are mostly the result of the ongoing projects in the core language areas and stand-alone projects.

Marathi input in Marathi Wikipedia[edit]

Video manual on "How-to type in Marathi on Marathi Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects". YouTube video here.

This is a simple video that explains how to type in Marathi on Wikimedia projects with screen grabs from Marathi Wikipedia. Marathi Wikimedian Mahitgar proposed for this and put great efforts to massively use this on talk pages of more than 953 of new contributors and 1020 pages across 13 Wikimedia projects.

Odia Wikisource handbook[edit]

Odia Wikisource handbook with keyboard layout (for Odia Wikisource in incubator), Use Odia Wikisource. Check this manual for current Wikisource.

A handbook was designed and distributed among faculty and students participated in the Odia Wikisource campus program at Kaliga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), Bhubaneswar. Please note, this is for the incubator project and cannot be used for the current Odia Wikisource. Check this manual for current Wikisource. Details of the Odia Wikisource program here.

Enhancing "Chatasabha" on Odia Wikipedia[edit]

"Odia input in Wikipedia" animated image showing Odia input

Odia Wikipedia's help page "Chatasabha" was enhanced with animated images and it was made simpler for new Wikipedians.

Kannada Wikipedia editing tutorial[edit]

Wikipedia Editing Tutorial Kannada

A tutorial booklet on editing Kannada Wikipedia was created and added to Commons. This file is linked to the help page of Kannada Wikipedia. This file has been distributed and used extensively during the Kannada Wikipedia training workshops.