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CIS-A2K Newsletter, August 2016
Community digest: Tulu Wikipedia goes live after eight years in Incubator; news in brief
A Tulu Wikipedia editing workshop in Mangaluru. Image by Vishwanatha Badikana, Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0.

Eight years after being created in the Wikimedia Incubator, the Tulu-language Wikipedia is now live as the 23rd Indic language Wikipedia. Available at, the project has a total of 1285 articles contributed by 198 editors.

Other news in brief:

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Community digest: Konkani language speakers are separated by scripts but unite by Wikipedia; news in brief
Participants in a Konkani Wikipedia seminar. Image by Pavanaja, Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0.

This post shares learning from a Goan Konkani Wikipedian User:The Discoverer. The discussion spans around the topics of how [Goan Konkani] Wikipedia is playing the role of a binding factor for native speakers that are currently dispersed in many states, speak in different variations of the same language, and write in different scripts.

Other news in brief:

  • WikiConference India 2016 to be held at Chandigarh during August 5–7
  • Punjab edit-a-thon
  • Campaign for relicensing copyrighted books under Creative Commons licenses
  • Train-the-trainer and Mediawiki training program for capacity building of community leaders from Indian subcontinent
  • Indian women in Science edit-a-thon
  • Indigenous South-Asian language Santali gets a new open Unicode font

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Programme reports
Outreach, education programme and community engagement programme reports:

Many articles about Nobel laureates are missing in the Telugu Wikipedia. Recently undergraduate students from four different disciplines of the Andhra Loyola College (ALC), Vijayawada gathered to create and improve articles related to Nobel laureates.
A campaign has been started to relicense Telugu-language books of several noted authors from "all rights reserved" to Creative Commons Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA) license. This campaign was started on June 19 and copyright migration process is complete for 17 books so far. Once the copyright migration is over the books—ranging from historical figures and popular personalities to regional history—are going to be digitised on Wikisource.
Karnataka is known for its diverse linguistic cultures. Aside from Kannada, many are native speakers of Konkani, Tulu, and other languages. A small Wikiwomen's meetup was held on Saturday, August 27th at St. Agnes College, Mangalore, to invite female Wikipedians from the region. Many of them were new to the online encyclopedia but demonstrated strong interest in learning and contributing more Indic language content online.

Events of this month and the upcoming events

Focus on India—WikiConference produces new apps; state government adopts free licenses
(Organized by by the Community of Wikimedians in India, supported by Wikimedia India and CIS; August 5 - 7, 2016; Chandigarh; CIS-A2K team participated, and some of the members were part of organising the event and some presented talks and conducted workshops)

Articles, opinion/analysis pieces and event talk submissions:

Media coverage

In this month we have organised or participated in this event:

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